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Just Like Home

The spirit of X and Dock Boggs inspire thirteen originals, that'll charm all the snakes on the premises.

Full Description

Step right up, move away from the Midway, join the Blacks' sideshow, where they bluntly display their forward-looking and exciting fusion of goth and country and cabaret.

Danny Black's voice, rock and roll at the top, and raspy, suggestive, lazily sexy down below, guides us through the freak show of relationships and Gina blasts through a sultry cover of a Tom Waits tune ("Goin' Out West").   The songs are full of paranoia, betrayal and jealousy--you know, the good stuff.  

At times tawdry, quesy, psychedelic and full of a snake-handler's charm, Just Like Home lends a whole new perspective on "domesticity."

Features a guest appearance on violin by Andrew Bird on "How He Cried"

Choice Cuts:
Fake Out Jesus
Goin' Out West
To A Sucker
Foggy Minded Breakdown

Short Description
  • A sassy, rough-and-tumble shitkicker of a record.

    — UR Chicago
  • If The Blacks threw a party, Bertolt Brecht, Hank Williams, Lux Interior and T. Rex’s Marc Bolan would all be hanging out at the punch bowl, getting drunk and trying on Gina Black’s fishnet stockings.

    — Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune
  • Believe the hype. The Blacks are currently the toast of every indie-rock and insurgent country fan, and with good reason. The seemingly front-rank status that the band now has is well-earned.

    — Illinois Entertainer
  • ...Cramps-vintage thrash and a drunken sailor blowing taps...

    — Ink 19

Track List

  • 1. Head On a String
  • 2. Call
  • 3. Fake Out Jesus
  • 4. How He Cried
  • 5. I'd Like to Say
  • 6. Off the Couch
  • 7. Goin' Out West To A Sucker
  • 8. Valentine's Day
  • 9. I Asked My Mom
  • 10. Foggy Minded Breakdown
  • 11. Rest My Bones/Diablo
  • 12. Head on a String (Reprise)

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