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  1. Head On a String
  2. Call
  3. Fake Out Jesus [MP3]
  4. How He Cried
  5. I'd Like to Say
  6. Off the Couch
  7. Goin' Out West
  8. To A Sucker
  9. Valentine's Day
  10. I Asked My Mom
  11. Foggy Minded Breakdown [MP3]
  12. Rest My Bones/Diablo
  13. Head on a String (Reprise)

"If The Blacks threw a party, Bertolt Brecht, Hank Williams, Lux Interior and T. Rex’s Marc Bolan would all be hanging out at the punch bowl, getting drunk and trying on Gina Black’s fishnet stockings." —Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune

The Blacks Just Like Home

BS 063 2000 $7.95
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The Blacks', our resident carnival punks second CD. The spirit of X and Dock Boggs inspire eleven originals, from banjo-laden laments to jangly burlesque songscapes. There's also a sultry cover of a Tom Waits tune ("Goin' Out West") and a guest appearance on violin by Andrew Bird on "How He Cried" that'll charm all the snakes on the premises.

"Incorporating boisterous indie rock, outlandish country/punk, debauched Dixieland, Delta blues, cabaret cool and rockabilly boogie, The Blacks keep the pleasure principle in effect with deceptively simple songwriting and climactic performances." —Magnet

"...Cramps-vintage thrash and a drunken sailor blowing taps..." —Ink 19

"Believe the hype. The Blacks are currently the toast of every indie-rock and insurgent country fan, and with good reason. The seemingly front-rank status that the band now has is well-earned." —Illinois Entertainer



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