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Johnny Bond: Country And Western

Vintage 40's recordings by Johnny and his Red River Valley Boys are true country and western, featuring Bond's legendary songcraft and pioneering hillbilly-western sound.

Full Description

31 tracks! A fine release from another Country Music Hall of Famer featuring BOTH kinds of music, Country AND Western. These vintage 40's recordings by Johnny Bond and the Red River Valley Boys are true country and western and feature Bond's own legendary songcraft and pioneering hillbilly-western sound.

Country and Western features such enduring Bond compositions as "Tomorrow Never Comes" and "I'll Step Aside" as well as lesser known gems which showcase Bond's balladeer skills. Among his crack group of musicians are Jimmy Wakely, Wesley Tuttle, Noel Boggs and more!!!

This release was produced in cooperation with the estate of Johnny Bond and features liner notes by leading country historian Rich Kienzle.

Short Description

    This release, with its impeccable production and informative liner notes by Rich Kienzle, will remain the essential Johnny Bond album.

    — No Depression

    Bond’s carefully phrased baritone vocals stand on their own just fine, but when he’s joined by longtime cohorts Jimmy Wakely and Dick Reinhart, the effect of their entwined voices is often sublime.

    — No Depression

Track List

  • 1. Out on the Open Range
  • 2. Stars of the Midnight Range
  • 3. Gals Don't Mean a Thing
  • 4. Have I Stayed Away Too Long
  • 5. Goodbye Old Paint
  • 6. Ridin' Down to Sante Fe
  • 7. Saddle Seranade
  • 8. You Brought Sorrow to My Heart
  • 9. Think of Me
  • 10. You Don't Care
  • 11. Mexicali Rose
  • 12. When the Work's All Done This Fall
  • 13. Silver on the Sage
  • 14. Birmingham Jail
  • 15. Boots and Saddles
  • 16. Red River Valley
  • 17. Ten Years
  • 18. Twilight on the Trail
  • 19. The Last Round Up
  • 20. Tomorrow Never Comes
  • 21. Oklahoma Hills
  • 22. Empty Saddles
  • 23. Tumbling Tumbleweeds
  • 24. Headin' Down the Wrong Highway
  • 25. The First Rose
  • 26. I'll Step Aside
  • 27. So Long to the Red River Valley
  • 28. Heart and Soul
  • 29. At Mail Call Today
  • 30. Don't Live A Lie
  • 31. Sad and Blue



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