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Side One:

Crushed Armadillo
Jelly Bishop Walk

Side Two:

Cannibals of the Highway
Where is Rudi Councilman Now?
Jelly Bishop Dance (Sword of Islam)

Hey all you Langford completists!  Act fast.  A couple of boxes of these babies were found in a back closet when the fellow who pressed them up moved.

Bloodshot Drinking Buddies, Jon Langford Jelly Bishops: Kings of Barstool Mountain LP

LTR 01 1988 $10.00

The Jelly Bishops was a thinly veiled collaboration between the Mekons and Three Johns in 1986 - Tom Greenhalgh, Jon Langford and John Brennan (+ Hugo the 3 Johns drum machine) posed as the Jelly Bishops ("We are Randy, Jet & Troy, we're from Schaumberg Illinois!") for three shows in Chicago and this 12 inch 5 song EP which has been seriously unavailable for over 20 years!




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