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I Would Die 4 U / Under the Cherry Moon (7" single)

For Record Store Day 2015, Lydia and Cory paid tribute to The Purple One himself, each covering a song by The Artist on a very LIMITED EDITION *purple* vinyl 7" single. Those singles are now long sold out, but the tracks are now available digitally via Bandcamp and iTunes.

Lydia Loveless takes the pop classic "I Would Die 4 U" for a spin while Cory Branan slows it down with his take on the 1986 weirdo swan song "Under the Cherry Moon."

Full Description

Last year (2014) on April Fool's Day, we posted on the internet that we were releasing a 21-song tribute to a certain controversial musical icon who shall not be named, complete with fake artwork and a carefully calculated tracklisting of Bloodshot artists taking on both classics and deep cuts. 

The response from Bloodshot fans was overwhelming excitement and anticipation. Though, once you figured out it was a hoax, you do we put this...really pissed off! (Seriously, we had no idea there was that much crossover; you guys LOVE the P-Man.) So, here we are, giving the people what they want, thanks to the enthusiasm of Lydia and Cory. Though it's not 21 songs (and lacks the fabled Waco Brothers cover of "Party Man"), this release pays proper tribute to your beloved pancake guru. And THIS IS NOT A JOKE. This is actually being released.

Side A is Lydia Loveless and her band taking "I Would Die 4 U," The Revolution's 1984 Purple Rain standout, to a whole new stratosphere. Lyd sings with more desperation than devotion while her band uses the opportunity to desecrate the synthesized, layered mold with twin lead guitars eventually contorting to chaos. Don't worry; you can still dance to it in front of your bedroom mirror like you did in high school. (This is the first track, to our knowledge, that features Ms. Loveless on the keys.)

Side B is Cory Branan digging a little deeper in the Paisley Park catalog and coming out with the title track from Mr. Nelson's ill-fated directorial debut Under the Cherry Moon. The track features (Bobby Bare Jr. collaborator) Matt Rowland's illustrious piano-playing while Cory channels the creepy (erotic-yet-suicidal? The '80s were weird.) bedroom R&B of the source material into a dingy Manhattan jazz lounge interpretation, sung with the fervor of Tom Waits doing The Phantom of the Opera. Oh, it's dark, folks. Real dark. (We trust Cory's song will be critically received better than the original song's accompanying film, which shared a 1986 Razzie Award with Howard the Duck for "Worst Picture.")


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Track List

  1. Lydia Loveless - "I Would Die 4 U"
  2. Cory Branan - "Under the Cherry Moon"


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