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  1. Silk Hope Road
  2. Hope is a Thing With Feathers [MP3]
  3. Skinny White Girl [MP3]
  4. Mach 1
  5. Destiny
  6. Lightning
  7. Vagabond Motel
  8. Quickstep
  9. Shiloh
  10. Drive with the Wind
  11. Waking Dream
  12. Mockingbird

"It's perfect for when you get the hankering to sway before the mirror, pretending you're the beautiful, damaged goods in a David Lynch movie."Bust

"This Carolina outfit sounds like the creepy punk band the Cramps ran off the road into a Blue Ridge holler, never to emerge." LA Daily News

Trailer Bride Hope is a Thing with Feathers

BS 101 2003 $5.95
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Chapel Hill’s Trailer Bride have tapped into such disturbing, shimmering and exhilarating vibes on Hope is a Thing With Feathers, their fourth record for Bloodshot. The Bride comes from a place where Apocalypse is not just a word, but a living, breathing ghost lurking in the Southern shadows. With guitars that sound like they are being heard through dirty, kudzu-covered pane glass window, and the languid vocals of Melissa Swingle, Trailer Bride conjures that disquieting feeling of being in a waking dream. Melissa’s lyrics and enticing warble put a sweet face on the millenia-old grudge match between the promise of everlasting hope, and the crushing reality that sometimes love just ... ends, that the lure towards impiety sometimes wins.

A sexy, smoky apocalyptic masterpiece. This one will boil your blood, raise the hairs on your arms, and tickle your monkey nerve.

"It's ominous, eclectic spirit can be likened to that of the Mekons' heavily country-infused period ... and the self-made, in-your-face know how of X's most potent work." —Flagpole

"Hell, murder and painkillers were never this fun. Country blues growing on decency's long forgotten grave." —A fan in Senegal working for the Peace Corps



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