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Hope is a Thing with Feathers

A sexy, smoky apocalyptic masterpiece. This one will boil your blood, raise the hairs on your arms, and tickle your monkey nerve.

Full Description

Choice Cuts:
Hope is a Thing With Feathers
Skinny White Girl
Mach 1

Chapel Hill’s Trailer Bride have tapped into such disturbing, shimmering and exhilarating vibes on Hope is a Thing With Feathers, their fourth record for Bloodshot. 

The title track is an Emily Dickinson poem put to music, all longing and isolation.  Skinny White Girl takes the deal at the crossroads to a whole new place, and the wailing guitars keep it all on a finely-honed edge.  "Silk Hope Road" creeps along like vines twining around sign post and "Destiny" paddles a flat-bottomed boat through the blues-soaked swamps.  "Mach 1" tells the tale of a layabout, no-good boyfriend and his car.  On the "Vagabond Motel," you can feel the tears (or are those raindrops?) rolling down window.

 It's damn near impossible to pick a favorite, when they are all your favorites.  It'll boil your blood, raise the hairs on your arms, and tickle your monkey nerve.


Short Description
  • Another album of dark rough-edged country blues that cuts into you like a dull blade. These songs are landscapes haunted by souls who can't find rest and dark places that don't leave you for days.

    — In Music We Trust
  • The album's about lost souls, losers, no-hopers, down on their luck and without any hope for salvation; the songs are about what happens when there's nothing left.

    — Prefix
  • It's ominous, eclectic spirit can be likened to that of the Mekons' heavily country-infused period ... and the self-made, in-your-face know how of X's most potent work.

    — Flagpole
  • It's perfect for when you get the hankering to sway before the mirror, pretending you're the beautiful, damaged goods in a David Lynch movie.

    — Bust Magazine

Track List

  • 1. Silk Hope Road
  • 2. Hope is a Thing With Feathers
  • 3. Skinny White Girl
  • 4. Mach 1
  • 5. Destiny
  • 6. Lightning
  • 7. Vagabond Motel
  • 8. Quickstep
  • 9. Shiloh
  • 10. Drive with the Wind
  • 11. Waking Dream
  • 12. Mockingbird


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