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  1. Jesco
  2. High Seas [MP3]
  3. Under Your Spell
  4. Itchin' For You [MP3]
  5. Ghost of Mae West
  6. Wilderness
  7. Crickets
  8. Thankful Dirt
  9. Barcelona
  10. Drift in D
  11. All Thine
  12. Run Rosie Run
  13. Bird Feet Feelings

"A spooky, swampy triumph. The lyrics fall somewhere between the gothic textures of Flannery O'Connor and the cosmic ramblings of a junkyard dealer who's huffed too much gasoline while listening to Tom Waits records." —No Depression

"Swingle spins tales of dancing outlaws and avenging ghosts that'd scare the bejesus out of even the most stoic listeners. The band takes it all in stride, though, playing reverb-laden death waltzes and hypnotic hymns. It's one of the year's best." —San Francisco Bay Guardian

Trailer Bride High Seas

BS 081 2001 $6.95
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As is their wont, Trailer Bride takes you south, where the woods are full of uneasy stories, where time and history are fluid notions—able to jump out from behind tangled bushes to wreak havoc on your present and where the shadows are full of weary, haunted characters.

For their third record, High Seas, they've layered the sound up with dusty cloaks of reverb and echo and created a hillbilly noir classic. It's the Cramps, Dock Boggs, and Hasil Adkins all fronted by the hypnotizing vocals of Melissa Swingle. It's got love songs to clog-dancing folk hero Jesco, chiggers, and West Texas wastelands. Trailer Bride is the spookiest, sexiest, catchiest band ever.

"... too graceful to be campy, and chilling ballads are orchestrated perfectly to pluck at you like branches in the dark." —Chicago Reader



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