Lydia Loveless Heaven Remixes
| BS 970
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Heaven Remixes


Bloodshot hits the disco! Three wild reimaginings of Lydia Loveless's "Heaven," from her 2016 album Real

Drum-n-bass, nu-disco, and '90s-Chicago-style house versions of a Lydia Loveless song. Yes, you read that correctly. We can't believe it either.

Full Description

Back in fall of 2016, amidst the fever around Lydia Loveless's album Real, we had probably had a few drinks and thought it was a good idea to ask fervent fans and proclaimed producers to remix the infectious, disco-influenced, densely layered "Heaven." So we put up all the individual tracks (vocals, guitar, bass, drums, etc.) on the web and asked meticulous audiophiles to download them and have at it, with some prizes at stake. Lydia picked her favorite three, and here we are... releasing drum-n-bass, nu-disco, and '90s-Chicago-style house versions of a Lydia Loveless song. Please don't hate us (ok, you might anyway). Have an open mind. Maybe you'll find yourself headbobbing like the Butabi brothers and requesting this song the next time you're in the hottest new River North club. 

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Track List

  1. Heaven (AuraSound Remix)
  2. Heaven (VictorVL Remix)
  3. Heaven (Jonathan Farrell Remix)



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