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Hank Thompson: Hankworld


Available on cassette and digitally

Hear Hank like he's never been heard before, demonstrating a stylistic range from pure honky-tonk to cowboy jazz and swing

Full Description

At the peak of his popularity in the late '50s, Hank recorded a series of cuts for the World Transcription Service In cooperation with Hank himself, we handpicked the true rarities from this unique archive. This set contains alternate, un-issued takes of signature numbers like "Rub-A-Dub-Dub" and "Humpty Dumpty Heart" along with a slew of Hank tunes that he never recorded commercially.

Hear Hank like he's never been heard before, demonstrating a stylistic range from pure honky-tonk to cowboy jazz and swing with these 25 tracks. And with Hank contributing to the liner notes and offering rare photos from his personal archive, this is truly a one-of-a-kind package.

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That's right, cassettes are coming back, despite their hasty and premature exorcism from the Oxford English Dictionary.

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Bloodshot Records is proud of our country music forefathers while at the same time, nostalgic for the good old days of clunky cassette players, Walkmans and beat up truck with a JVC unit dangling under the dashboard. Thus, we bring you our Soundies/Revival series to you in the nifty, nostalgic and convenient cassette format. 

Each release contains all the music and liner notes of the CD, but at embarrassingly low prices. Besides, this old school country and western sounds best on cassette with the windows down and a straight highway ahead.

Just tell us in the special instructions section which title(s) you want.

Read all about albums below, check out the track lists, and even sample some songs.

Titles/Artists Available:

Sons of the Pioneers: Symphonies of the Sage
Johnny Bond: Country and Western
Hank Penny: Crazy Rhythm
Jimmie Davis: Louisiana
Pee Wee King: Country Hoedown (double cassette)
Hank Thompson: Hank World
Spade Cooley: Shame On You
Rex Allen: Last of the Great Singing Cowboys

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Short Description
  • A must-have for the serious collector, a hoot for the newcomer. Give a listen to this and don't skip the liner notes.

    — Vice Magazine
  • Thompson's self-penned tunes are reliably ingenuously corny, his voice sports a pleasant twang, and his Brazos Valley Boys cover the distance between West Texas Swing and Nashville with the stylish easy power of a '54 El Dorado with steer horns on the grille.

    — Iowa City Weekly

Track List

  • 1. New Deal of Love
  • 2. A Lonely Heart Knows
  • 3. Don't Take it Out On Me
  • 4. Rub-A-Dub-Dub
  • 5. Simple Simon
  • 6. If Lovin' You is Wrong
  • 7. When You're Lovin' You're Livin'
  • 8. Westphalia Waltz
  • 9. I'm Tired of Pretending
  • 10. I'm A Fool to Fool Around with You
  • 11. My Front Door is Open
  • 12. California Women
  • 13. I'll Be Your Sweetheart for a Day
  • 14. Don't Be That Way
  • 15. Yesterday's Mail
  • 16. I Find You're Cheatin' On Me
  • 17. Standin' On the Outside
  • 18. Hangover Heart
  • 19. Tippin' In
  • 20. The Grass Looks Greener Over Yonder
  • 21. Texas Playboy Rag
  • 22. Humpty Dumpty Heart
  • 23. When God Calls His Children Home


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