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Going Down in History

Vinyl LP is on deluxe 180-gram wax. Includes digital download card. 

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With a body of work known for the indelicate and raucous, this may be their most deliberate and punchy yet—no one’s more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose. The title can be read two different ways, after all.

Full Description


With a devil-may-care attitude towards polish and finesse, Going Down in History captures the thrill ride rush of the Waco Brothers’ live shows. Through the improvisational and fluid approach they adopted at Chicago’s Kingsize Sound Labs with longtime collaborator Mike Hagler at the knobs, the songs took on a muscularity and cohesiveness of an album unlike any previous Wacos recordings. Their pioneering jet engine mash up is still there, to be sure, but the Wacos have turned their well-scuffed boot heels towards their roots as never before. They have gone back to the future, down in history to celebrate and transform that which came before them.

Going Down in History pulses with the energy and excitement of first wave garage punk and ‘70s glam that first captivated singer/guitarist Jon Langford (Mekons, Skull Orchard, Pine Valley Cosmonauts). “We Know It” and “Building Our Own Prison” are distorted T. Rex via Bo Diddley-beat punk that will get you grooving towards the end times. “Receiver,” a gritty pub crawl from Wire to Dead Weather, and the short-circuiting grind of “Devil’s Day” harken back to singer/guitarist Deano’s time in the Chicago noise rock scene with his band Wreck. The raspy, push and pull tension of the title track, with its hard-learned life credo “you gotta walk before you can fall down on your face” might make it the Patron Song of Lost Causes. At the heart of the record is the Small Faces’ “All or Nothing,” a liberating, sing-to-the-skies rock and roll masterpiece, brimming with jagged guitars, booming drums and rousing organ. Ian McLagan, The Faces’ keyboardist (who died in 2014), was both hero and friend to the Wacos, and the song is permanently dedicated to him. Wrapping up the album is a cover of Texas songwriting ace Jon Dee Graham’s “Orphan Song,” cementing the Wacos’ cosmic link between Chicago and Austin.


Short Description
  • Going Down in History sees the band igniting like a turned-over whiskey truck from track one. They’re still as volatile as ever, smashing punk and country together until they play nice. 

    — The Bluegrass Situation
  • ...delivers everything there is to love about the Wacos with admirable force and clarity…[The album has] a sublimely focused sonic presence without sacrificing their raucous punch, balancing the explosive qualities of Langford and Schlabowske’s guitars with the brutal rhythmic finesse of bassist Alan Doughty and drummer Joe Camarillo.

    — Lonestar Music
  • There’s no mistaking this latest Waco Brothers release for anything but another blast of fury from this mighty unit, but there’s a renewed energy in these grooves, a muscular throb that calls to mind a merging of the old (T. Rex, Wire) and new (Bo Diddley, Dead Weather) worlds.

    — PopMatters
  • The Wacos hold a pretty dim view of society (god love ‘em!), but they make it sound so bloody fun, you’d never notice.

    — Big Takeover
  • The Wacos have returned with perhaps their best collection of songs to date…the band sound pleasingly ragged, loose and playful. Long-time fans will be rewarded in spades, and newcomers to the Wacos could do a lot worse than starting their journey here.

    — Exclaim
  • The raw, muscular-but-melodic, roots-informed rock in the end is just hard to resist.

    — Santa Fe New Mexican
  • Really captures the thrill and scruffy power twang of the band.  It's raucous, tight and formidable.

    — No Depression
  • Don’t worry, the band haven’t renounced their Country Roots at all; they’ve just moved on and developed a whole new version of 21st Century Psycho-Country-Punk.

    — Rocking Magpie
  •  The Waco Brothers are still mining that sweet spot where country, punk and rock overlap for an unpolished collection that captures the essence of their live shows.

    — Rolling Stone
  • The sound turned way up and the polish way, way down. As overseen by mastermind Jon Langford, ragged but right is the spirit of the day on raucous originals and a terrific cover of the Small Faces chestnut “All or Nothing” — on which you can just about smell the spilled beer.

    — Rolling Stone
  • Going Down in History is full of primal energy, good-time rock ‘n’ roll, and punk attitude that just won’t quit. In other words, you are going to have a great time with this record and enjoy hearing this stuff live.

    — PopMatters

Track List

  2. We Know It
  3. Receiver
  4. Building Our Own Prison
  5. All or Nothing
  6. Had Enough
  7. Lucky Fool
  8. Going Down in History
  9. Devil's Day
  10. Orphan Song


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