Girl of the Century
| BS 162
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Girl of the Century


With Rosie’s off the charts vivacity and dexterity, Girl of the Century delivers with a handful (and sleeveful) of spades.

Rosie Flores—the Rockabilly Filly, and Jon Langford—head Mekon, Waco Brother and conductor of the Chicago-based collective the Pine Valley Cosmonauts, combine forces to blast a sonic contrail stretching from Texas to Wales.

Full Description

Recorded live-in-the-studio hot with the Cosmos, Girl of the Century crackles with effusive energy and references a wealth of influences and source material. Anchored by the crack rhythm section of Tom Ray (Neko CaseDevil in a Woodpile) on bass and Joe Camarillo (Waco BrothersDollar Store) on drums, the Cosmos find a groove and lock it in, be it the suave blues of Memphis Minnie's “Chauffeur,” the Bob Wills smooth swing of the Paul Burch tune “Little Bells” or the wild R&B with a rockabilly flair of Ruth Brown's “This Little Girls Gone Rockin’.”  Throughout, Pat Brennan’s stone-cold honky-tonk piano and John Rice’s count-in fiddle keep the boots firmly on the rail.

Rosie’s front and center vocals have never sounded better.  From her saucy growls to kittenish sass to clarion Ronnie Spector smarts, there’s a versatility here she’s only hinted at on previous albums. Smooth, cheek to cheek balladry like “Last Song” (a Jon Langford song) and “Dark Enough,” a torch number so swampy it’s easy to imagine her draped over a mossy piano, sashay against a more playful and powerful side when she gets her pop rocks off Maggie May-ish blue-eyed soul style on the Langford penned “Halfway Home” or the Little Sister-era Elvis rocker “This Cat’s in the Doghouse” co-written by Patricia Vonne. For a little slice of heaven from the Conway and Loretta playbook, look no further than the old school duet with Langford “Whose Gonna Take Your Garbage Out?”
It’s all Texas twang and blustery, rolling rrrr’s.

Given that this is a Rosie Flores album, though, one expects guitar heroics. With Langford’s chunky punk roots, John Rice’s clean lines and Rosie’s off the charts vivacity and dexterity, Girl of the Century delivers with a handful of spades. There’s revved up runs straight outta Sun Records, the exaggerated wah wah on the Jimmy Reed/Yardbirds rocker ” I Ain’t Got You,” and urgent straight up rock and roll in the Everly Brothers'  “You’re the One.” Check out the jolt she provides on the oft-covered Johnny Cash’s “Get Rhythm.”

This album is a gas, friends.  We're ever so happy to bring these two super cool artists together.

I Ain't Got You
Halfway Home
Get Rhythm
This Cat's In the Doghouse

Short Description
  • An eclectic collection of classic twang, smoldering torch songs and goofy novelties ... Whether the tunes are fast or slow, rock or twangy, heartfelt or silly, Flores endows them with a fiery intensity.

    — Venus
  • This musician, once a rockabilly she-devil in the Screaming Sirens during the mid-‘80s, has circled the stylistic globe and continues to cause constant surprise among her legion of fans. Rosie Flores has a way of mixing up genres and confounding expectations like few others, and Girl Of The Century is yet another deep notch in her guitar, and a mighty fine one at that.

    — SonicBoomers
  • Perhaps the best of her career. The heartbreak and hard living and fast times in between, the ones obligatory for good country songs, crystallize on Girl of the Century...[and] she's backed by Jon Langford-led trio the Pine Valley Cosmonauts, an inspired pairing...

    — Austin Chronicle

Track List

  • 1. Chauffer
  • 2. This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'
  • 3. Home
  • 4. I Ain't Got You
  • 5. Dark Enough at Midnight
  • 6. Little Bells
  • 7. Get Rhythm Last Song
  • 8. You're The One
  • 9. This Cat's in the Doghouse
  • 10. Who's Gonna Take Your Garbarge Out?
  • 11. Girl of the Century


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