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  1. Nothing At All [MP3]
  2. Chosen One
  3. Come a Long Long Way
  4. Secrets
  5. How Fast the Time [MP3]
  6. Lincoln Town Car
  7. It's Amazing
  8. On the Sly
  9. Drinkin' & Cheatin' & Death
  10. Fantasy
  11. Missing Link
  12. Rest of the World
  13. Join the Club

"A rich and smart-alecky amalgam of down home cowpunk and biting lyrical wit that is nearly impossible to believe it exists... easily their best yet. Taken together, the songs assembled on this fine and substantial platter resonate like public service announcements--with pedal steel guitar." —Washington Post

Waco Brothers Freedom and Weep

BS 119 2005 $7.49
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Down from the hills in their fuel efficient mini-van with "The Waco Brothers Invade Jesusland" scrawled on the side in glitter and fire-red lipstick, the Waco Brothers are ready to show off the totems they’ve carved out of the corpses of punk and country.

Freedom and Weep is a decidedly rockin’ addition to their formidable canon (or is that
cannon?), a swaggering return to form that hits all your g-spots and leaves you panting. Cuts about dismantling democracy, going for a drink, golfers disguised as national leaders, appearing stupider than you really are, watching your carbs the night before they strap you to the gurney, election night jitters, and models throwing themselves out of first floor Motel 6 windows show that the Brothers are still able to meet the enemy head on with a good, hair-raising, boozy cackle. Cuz after all, you still need to have FUN at the end of the day, right?

"An outstanding blend of attitude and execution, Freedom and Weep reflects the Waco Brothers at their very best." —Amplifier

"The Waco's continuing asset is the sense that they are on a chase, connecting the past with the main street of outlaws and thieves. As cowboys, they are more Butch and Sundance than John Wayne and Gary Cooper: anti-heroes who realize that these days, a white hat does not necessarily mean you're on the right side." —The Daily Herald

"Freedom and Weep is one kick ass track after another from a group that's clearly in the midst of its prime. If you've ever entertained the same silly notions about the Wacos irrelevance that I did, give this one a spin and see if they don't change your mind." —Splendid E-Zine

"If there's a good share of bitter futility in these songs, there's also a liberating rage, and if this once-great land is at the point of collapse, the Waco Brothers are here to see that the folks who still care go down swinging." —

"The always sardonic lyrics are even sharper than usual this time around... but the Wacos have always been about taking a certain masochistic glee in their troubles, with rollicking, alcohol-drenched anthems." —The Onion AV Club



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