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  1. I Always Cry at Weddings
  2. I'll Never Sleep it Off [MP3]
  3. I Walked in While He Was Changing Your Mind
  4. Point of No Return
  5. Happy Birthday Broken Heart
  6. Between a Rock and a Heartache
  7. Mother of a Member of the Band
  8. Nothin' but Nothin' [MP3]
  9. If You Had Just Believed In Me
  10. Wait Outside (While I Change)
  11. Make Me Hate You Before You Go
  12. Cupid's Little Arrow
  13. Feeling Sorry for Myself
  14. Losing Combination


Rex Hobart and the Misery Boys Forever Always Ends

BS 053 1999
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Debut CD

Man, oh man, will the embarrassing farce that is contemporary country music ever end? Today’s batch of interchangeable hunks and bimbos that are being Xeroxed out of Nashville have as much to do with what makes country music special as The Starland Vocal Band did with channeling the rebellious spirit of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Sure, they’re good for making the masses want to run out and buy the brand of jeans, pressed shirts, phone cards, etc, etc, that are heartily endorsed by these humble, aw shucks, kinda good ol’ boys.

As a powerful antidote, we present Rex Hobart & The Misery Boys. Hailing from the Missouri side of Kansas City, Rex and the boys will remind one and all that true grit honky tonk is alive and well. Forever Always Ends, which was produced by Lou Whitney (Robbie Fulks, Skeletons, Syd Straw), magnificently conjures up the serious hoodoo that folks like Johnny Paycheck, George Jones, and Buck Owens were throwing down in their primes. Rex and the Boys rely on a lot of the same weapons; bare bones, unadorned musical attack (wicked pedal steel, tasty electric guitar runs), and a lyrical sense that will reveal what true imposters all them current, Eagle-minded schmoes really are.

They are the kind of lyrics that’ll help you smile as your heart’s being pulled from your chest. They are the kind of story songs that’ll have that guy at the end of bar smiling wistfully to himself saying "fuggin’ A, man, fuggin’ A." Oh yeah, if they need to, the Misery Boys can get the dance floor smokin’, too.

"This is not a record for sunny days and newlyweds. Nope, this one you play alone in the apartment, surrounded by the cardboard boxes you left your house of love with. Perfect music for imperfect times." —Ink 19

"The most straight-forward slab of honky-tonk Bloodshot Records has served up yet: the only thing insurgent about it is its refusal to acknowledge anything Nashville's produced in the last four decades." —Chicago Reader

"[Rex Hobart] is completely comfortable with writing and arranging his amazingly direct material as though a hellhound (or Johnny Paycheck) was on his dime." —AudioCafe



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