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Fear Not The Obvious

RE-RELEASED ON CD by the band----we are ever so happy to carry here for you and your ya-ya's.

Full Description

The Yayhoos got together and wrote and recorded a batch of songs in drummer Terry Anderson’s dad’s barn. By the time we released them, the album had already become something of an underground legend in roots-rock circles.  Bob Dylan recited the lyrics to “Bottle And A Bible” before playing it on his Theme Time Radio Hour and Ambel’s song “Baby I Love You” was featured as the closing credits song in the 2006 James Gunn film SLiTHER.

Our numerous focus groups have been unable to whittle the list down.  They are all choice.

Short Description
  • Fear Not The Obvious is the shot of pure old school rock'n'roll that no self-respecting Stones fan should be without. There isn't a hint of pretension, but plenty of Baird's trademark Southern-fried wit.

    — Exclaim
  •  This is a rock record made for house parties and road trips and late night radio. This is music for muscle car radios and eight-track tape players, music for a candy apple red GTO hardtop with a 490 engine and dual exhausts with glass packs.

    — Rockzilla
  • A rollicking party of an album that recall the best moments of The Faces, mid-period Stones and Pleased to Meet Me-era Replacements ... serve[s] as a textbook example of all that can be right about rock and roll.

    — Independent Weekly
  • This type of rock is the marrow that runs through the bones ... If you're feeling a little pale from what VH1 passes off as rock these days, then the beer-fueled twang of the Yayhoos is a fine remedy.

    — PopMatters
  • Fueled by electric guitars stoked like a coal furnace, a rhythm section that alternately swings and pummels, and Baird's rough-and-tumble voice, the album grabs the listener by the ears and yanks hard. Nourishing meat and potatoes rock.

    — Boston Globe
  • If any of the so-called rock stations in town had the freedom to play a band on an indie label, they could break this record in a big way. It's much more genuine than any bloated and phony Black Crowes album and better than any Rolling Stones record from the past 20 years.

    — Creative Loafing

Track List

  • 1. What Are We Waiting For
  • 2. Get Right With Jesus
  • 3. Monkey With A Gun
  • 4. I Can Give You Everything
  • 5. Bottle and a Bible
  • 6. For Cryin' Out Loud
  • 7. Oh! Chicago
  • 8. Wicked World
  • 9. Baby I Love You
  • 10. Hunt You Down
  • 11. Hankerin'
  • 12. Dancing Queen


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