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  1. Out All Night [MP3]
  2. (You Don't Know) How Mean You Really Are
  3. Motorcycle Man
  4. Good BBQ [MP3]
  5. The Meanest Man in the World
  6. Evil Ways
  7. County Fair
  8. Extra Sauce
  9. Crawfish Pie
  10. I Forgot To Cry
  11. Jill
  12. Danny Jo Doss

"My latest guilty pleasure—and I love it so. Country to the hilt, smiling and swinging in a style, mixing backwoods swagger with Beatles-quality melody-making and catchiness. Topping each toe-tapping tune are lyrics that are sly, witty, and eminently sinagalongable." INK NINETEEN

"Like a midway attraction, it's a satisfying ride." No Depression

The Riptones Extra Sauce

BS 022 1997 $5.00
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Come and get it. Produced by Ian Spanic (of roots-maven Spanic Boys fame), this is an E-string heavy affair, full of Sun Sessions-era rhythm section heroics. All of it is topped off by the sweet vocal harmonies of the Bonansinga brothers.

The ghosts of Johnny Horton and Ricky Nelson are all over this one. Done LIVE in the studio to capture the energy and fun of a Riptones show. It ain't high art, but dammit, it's fun. Doesn't that count for anything anymore?



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2000 $5.00
1999 $5.00
1997 $5.00