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En este momento

It's an alluring concoction of gritty, rambunctious NYC garage rock and sexy southwestern stylings. Inspired, cross-cultural pollination that is both dead on sexy and full of punkish abandon.

Full Description

With smoky, sultry vocals, group leader and namesake, Ani Cordero, will have you weeping in your drink just as easily as she will snake-charm you out of mourning and straight past the velvet ropes onto the dance floor. There's smoking guitar work that jangle the rafters and reference everything from rockabilly to Gang of Four, hair-raising trumpets at once mariachi-fied and full of longing, and percussion that'll animate the dead.



Heart In Me
Come On Dear
Close Your House Down

Short Description
  • Eclectic and exotic, the band provides an outfit for all corners of the dance floor ...[it is] a sound intensely magical--a spontaneous , unprecedented affair. Cordero is dangerously exciting, wickedly entertaining, and they're going to make you dance.

    — Badger Daily Herald
  • The band and the album are a unique and powerful combination of light and dark, Latin and American, as well as indie and commercial. That results in the most focused release yet from this intriguing band.

  • It is this persistent mixing and matching of inspiration, languages and vocal styles that keep the whole record so damn interesting. The ability to transform from track to track is probably the strongest card that Cordero holds... supurb.

    — Mike: The Magazine
  • ...the ensemble miraculously manages to retain the basic characteristics of each of its influences, but as the sultry, Latin-tinged grooves collide with the ominiously swirling darkness of the group's proto-punk roots, the music mutates into something that is highly intoxicating.

    — The Music Box
  • At the heart of it all are frontwoman Ani Cordero's enviable pipes, which are equally impressive carrying a breathy, spooky tune such as 'Close Your House Down' as a cooker like 'Heart in Me.

    — Econoculture
  • ...showcases Ani's powerful, sultry vocal chops while her band swings and rolls with a rare fusion of jazz, rock, and flamenco. The music explodes with passion and sincerity.

    — BUST Magazine

Track List

  • 1. En este momento
  • 2. Heart in me
  • 3. Come on dear
  • 4. Matadora
  • 5. La piedra
  • 6. Close your house down
  • 7. Maria Elisa
  • 8. Gone with a gamble
  • 9. Don't let them destroy you
  • 10. Mama ven a buscarme
  • 11. Don Julio


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