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  1. It's Not Enough
  2. Make Things Happen
  3. Where the Mighty Fall
  4. Jamaican Radio Obituary
  5. Walking on Hell's Roof Looking at the Flowers
  6. Cornered
  7. Where in the World
  8. When I Get My Rewards
  9. Circle Tour
  10. Nothing to Say [MP3]
  11. Fox River [MP3]
  12. Dragging My Own Tombstone
  13. Never Real

"History is written by the winner, this is a loser's song..." —from Walking On Hell's Roof

"The Wacos have been one of the most thrilling bands around, but the new record finds them growing into a new tightness and a maturity that has nothing to do with getting old. It is the kind of record people will still be responding to years, maybe even decades, from now." Stomp and Stammer

Waco Brothers Electric Waco Chair

BS 054 2000 $5.95
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For their fifth record, our favorite anti-death penalty, socialist country rockers are playing Johnny Cash to your condemned Folsom prison lifer. On this record they zap your ass with a bolt of fire worthy of the Big House. But whether you're innocent or guilty you can still be sure that with this electric chair your eyes are gonna bug, the lights are gonna dim and if you don't smell burning flesh its only because the smell of booze is too powerful.

Shave your head and get ready cause Jonboy, Deano, Tracy, Alan, Lil' Willy and Durante are gonna fill it up with a few thousand volts of roots rock moxie, punk disgust and country heart. Fourteen electrifying songs later you'll still be begging for the Wacos to strap you in and flip the switch to Electric Waco Chair.

"There are God’s honest chops and songwriting going on here. These songs are soul music for the working man/woman, timeless mediations on God’s existence, the merits of grain alcohol and the cost of a hard day’s labor, melted down with a Southern-fried blowtorch into tasty three-minute kernels of truth." —Magnet

"Smart and funny, pissed-off and tender-hearted, the Waco Brothers grabbed alt-country’s moral and musical high ground with 1995 debut, and they’ve never surrendered it. The Wacos connect traditional honky-tonk despair with leftist political analysis for the hardest roots-rock country around." —CMJ New Music Monthly



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