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  1. Ray Charles
  2. Cryin' Drunk
  3. Harold's Super Service
  4. W.I.F.E.
  5. Por Favor
  6. Sound of Running
  7. Eyes For You [MP3]
  8. Let the Train Blow the Whistle


Available digitally and on the Double LP Collection Wreck Your Life And Then Some

Old 97's Early Tracks

BS 066 2000
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You asked and asked some more. Then you started to beg. The groveling was nearly unbearable. You, John Q. Public, demanded the re-release of the Old 97s' long out of print singles and we finally got the message.

This budget-priced EP delivers 8 songs, four of which originally appeared on 7" releases Eyes for You and Cryin' Drunk way back in 1995, and four songs originally recorded for Wreck Your Life which have never seen the light of day until now!

These gems capture a band just finding its voice. You've got all the hard-charging, punk-fueled country energy which make the 97s' live shows the stuff of legend. You've got the hints of some major label pop leanings. And you've finally got all the songs you begged us to let you have.

"'Ray Charles' is the band at its best, a combination of pickin'-and-grinnin' country and prickly pop." —Dallas Observer