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  1. You Still Get Around
  2. Say You Do
  3. What'd I Do?
  4. Your Love Has Turned to Hate
  5. Just Forget About Me
  6. Sun's Come Up
  7. I'll Leave
  8. I Don't Know
  9. My Baby Left
  10. Don't Toy With My Heart
  11. Don't Pass Me By
  12. All Through The Day
  13. Zombie
  14. A Man To Hold

Our Rock-n-Roll intern Jill is the Dyes bass player and always has the best music going in the warehouse.  We didn't put this up for sale cuz we have to, either, we really like this record. Checking out the influences and touchstones, it's not hard to figger out why.

Bloodshot Drinking Buddies The Dyes - Self-titled Album

TD 001 2010 $10.00

Chicago-based trio, The Dyes, infuse 60s inspired garage-rock with infectious 50s rockabilly undertones to create a punchy and melodic, yet raw rock n' roll sound.
By digging up the roots of influences such as: Hank Williams, The Cramps, Wanda Jackson, and The Flat Duo Jets, this female-fronted trio is sure to catch the ears of a wide-spectrum of music lovers as they toss hints of punk, surf, blues, and country into the mix, and stir it up with their own twist!

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