Bobby Bare Jr Don't Follow Me I'm Lost Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
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Don't Follow Me (I'm Lost) Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Resulting from months of documenting Bobby Bare Jr. for a feature film, this live film soundtrack consists of Bobby Bare Jr.'s most energetic and sharp live performances put to tape.

Full Description

Back in 2010 and 2011, visionary, charismatic singer/songwriter and musician’s musician Bobby Bare Jr. was followed on tour by a film crew led by filmmaker William Miller. What resulted is Don’t Follow Me (I’m Lost), a touching, funny, and genuine rock doc about the struggles of maintaining a modestly successful touring career (which is a hell of a task in and of itself) whilst remaining a loving family man back in his hometown of Nashville. The film, which features appearances and commentary by Justin Townes Earle, My Morning Jacket, Hayes Carll, Bobby Bare Sr., and more, was released in a limited capacity in 2012, and then in 2014 screened in theaters and clubs in major U.S. cities, including a stint at Austin’s South By Southwest music festival. It is now widely released online (Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, Vimeo, etc.) and on DVD.

What also resulted from those months of documenting Bobby Bare Jr. on the road is a film soundtrack, consisting of some of Bobby Bare Jr.’s most energetic and sonically sharp live performances put to tape. Don’t Follow Me (I’m Lost) Original Motion Picture Soundtrack includes new versions of fan-favorites and deep cuts from Bobby’s classic Bloodshot albums like The Longest Meow and From the End of Your Leash, as well as songs from his 2010 Thirty Tigers album A Storm, A Tree, My Mother’s Head. Throughout the album, Bobby Bare Jr. is backed by the Young Criminals’ Starvation League, his ever-mutating band, which consisted of over 20 different musicians (mostly Nashville power players) over the course of the recording. Recorded at beloved venues like Portland, OR’s Crystal Ballroom, Chapel Hill, NC’s Local 506, and Nashville’s The Basement, these songs span the genre-busting gamut that Bobby is known to trample, while evoking many of the emotions felt by viewers of the documentary - love, heartbreak, joy, homesickness, anticipation, despair, and hope.

While remaining unequivocally BBJ, the set of songs morphsand changes from one place to the next, not just geographically and chronologically but sonically, dynamically, and at the end, emotionally. While some of the songs are pitch-perfect performances of album tracks, many of them carry a special something; an improvisational (notice we don’t say “jammy”) essence that sets them apart from Bobby’s albums. The band, despite its fluidity of members, gleans impalpable energy from Bobby, and vice-versa, resulting in extra nuggets of collaborative musical genius and flair that you won’t find on a studio recording, such as the dual-guitar, like the deeptonal warzone that is the bridge in “Terrible Sunrise,” and the near-a cappella harmonized vocals and sparse punctuation of the rhythm section in the live version of the Bobby “hit” “I’ll Be Around.” These elements are further supported sonically by the sound of each venue room, providing both open air and walls to surround with echoes, and sound wave-dampening, attentive crowds. It’s also, of course, worth mentioning that Bobby’s famous banter and spur-of-the-moment lyrical switcheroos and topical freedom are sprinkled throughout, for good measure.

The carrot in front of the cart on the Don’t Follow Me (I’m Lost) soundtrack is the never-before released song “The Beginning of the End,” which is the lone studio recording on the record. Somewhat of a precursor to the song “As Forever Became Never Again,” from Bobby’s 2014 Bloodshot album Undefeated, the arrangement combines dissonant and intertwined acoustic guitar work with the elusive-yet- deliberate, and totally brilliant drumming of bassplayer-by-day Jesse Bates. Comforting violin affixes an airy effervescence to the otherwise minor, disconcerting nature of the song. This musical complexity is reined in via expert mixing by Young Criminals’ Starvation League drummer Doni Schroader. “The Beginning of the End” is a true diamond in the rough …which is also, perhaps, the best way to describe Bobby Bare Jr. himself.

Short Description
  • The stripped-down feel makes it one of Bare Jr.’s most engaging and open works yet.

    — Consequence of Sound
  • Don’t Follow Me (I’m Lost) serves as a wonderful introduction to this truly American songwriter’s work and a kick-ass 13-song retrospective for the ardent fan.

    — Short and Sweet NYC

Track List

  1. Jesus Sandals (Live)
  2. Valentine (Live)
  3. Visit Me in Music City (Live)
  4. Terrible Sunrise (Live)
  5. Sad Smile (Live)
  6. Borrow Your Cape (Live)
  7. Don't Go to Chattanooga (Live)
  8. Snuggling World Championships (Live)
  9. Mayonnaise Brain (Live)
  10. I'll Be Around (Live)
  11. One of Us Has Got to Go (Live)
  12. Rock and Roll Halloween (Live)
  13. The Beginning of the End



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