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  1. Dolly [MP3]
  2. Teresa Leaves Lonesome Town
  3. New New Waltzing Blues
  4. Dear Little Girl
  5. Horrorshow [MP3]
  6. Tortured Holiday
  7. Crazy
  8. Moan
  9. Take Me Now
  10. Never Coming Back
  11. I'll Meet You in Church Sunday Morning
  12. He's Gone



The Blacks Dolly Horrorshow

BS 039 1998
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The Blacks lay down a sound that will spook the timid, intrigue the willing, and arouse the troubled. Falling on the Times Square side of Nashville, and the Hollywood Blvd side of Texas, this is hardcore fucked-up cowboy jazz, with ample flourishes of cabaret, Doors-like rock 'n' roll, ragtime, and primordial country blues. It manages to simultaneously spiral back to the beginnings of American roots music as well as rocket to a grimy, lurid future.

Led by Danny and Gina Black (guitar/vocals and monstrous stand-up bass/vocals, respectively), The Blacks cajoled the services of Eric "Roscoe" Ambel as the producer for their debut (known for his work with Bottle Rockets, Blue Mountain, the Yayhoos and the Steve Earle). In addition to honing their rock wallop, Dolly Horrorshow is soaked with The Blacks three part harmonies (courtesy of rhythm guitarist Nora O'Connor, additional instrumentation (violin, piano, trumpet), and the crazy, sexy gestalt that has whipped crowds into frenzies.

"This outfit meshes down-home country with just enough X-like gusto to create a near perfect debut CD... It transcends so many musical styles, and is so seamless and refreshing, it deserves a permanent home in any CD player." —Rockpile

"The songs ride an elaborately pinstriped Harley over the range between Bill Monroe and Tom Waits, taking a side trip to some Demolition Dollrods themepark populated with David Bowie action figures." —Illinois Entertainer

"Take up where the Violent Femmes' 'Country Death Song' stopped, add some Cramps-vintage thrash, and a drunken sailor blowing taps on a faraway trumpet and you get the sound of Dolly Horrorshow. Put this record on at 3 o'clock in the morning and scare the crap out of yourself." —Ink 19

"[They blend] influences as disparate as their costumes--roots music and hard rock, country and cabaret--with alchemical grace." —Chicago Reader



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