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Do You Think About Me?


"I've been drunk a thousand times, I'd sober up but there's no reason..." — from Napa Valley

High-lonesome spit and three-chord frontal assaults. Includes the chilling and exciting version of Neil Young's "Revolution Blues"

Full Description

On this "wee-CD" (10 songs, 31 minutes) they deliver more of the high-lonesome spit and three-chord frontal assaults you've come to need.

While the two covers,  a blitzkrieg version of Neil Young's "Revolution Blues" (they ain't called the Waco Brothers fer nuthin' you know) and the horn-driven title track, "Do You Think About Me" (by Lonesome Bob)--which is their HUGE CHICAGO RADIO HIT---get most of the attention on this album, there are other lesser known gems to enjoy. 

"Arizona Rose" is a lovely waltzing number (with fiddle provided by John Rice), "You Know Who" is a classic sitting at the bar lament about...well, the title says it all.  Tracy Dear helms the salute to the fruits of the vine "Napa Valley" and "Hard Times" jumps along, putting a smile on your face like a modern day Ernest Tubb saying the word "Hard" as many times as he can.

Re: 'Revolution Blues: " In 1974 on Neil Young's On the Beach, this Manson Family was lumbering, sardonic, even smug. Now, with the sound of time running matching Jon Langford's race through scattered images of dune buggy attack squadrons and dead dogs on million dollar lawns, the reach for the end of the world in the music suggests a Waco Brother not credited here: David Koresh." —Greil Marcus, Artforum

Do You Think About Me?
Revolution Blues
Arizona Rose
Napa Valley

Short Description
  • Two parts pure country, one part psychotic punk that's frenetic, cutting-edge and ballsy

    — Gallery (A porn mag review!!!)
  • Listening to Do You Think About Me? is like riding a mechanical bull. It doesn't last very long, but it makes you hold on for dear life.

  • The title track, complete with fat horn riff, is one of the catchiest things any insurgent band has recorded. And Langford's deadly serious version of Neil Young's "Revolution Blues" may be the genre's best cover. Country and ragged rock & roll have rarely collided this convincingly or infectiously.

  • Oh gods of rock, I beseech thee: Make the single 'Do You Think About Me' a smash hit... gets my vote for single of the year.

    — Illinois Entertainer
  • A politically aware version of honky-tonk, where the beer is spiked with the tears of the working class, the whiskey poured on the rocks of failed dreams... Rocks decisively, coming closer to country's renegade spirit than anything out of Nashville.

    — Entertainment Weekly

Track List

  • 1. Do You Think About Me?
  • 2. Revolution Blues
  • 3. Wickedest City
  • 4. Arizona Rose
  • 5. You Know Who
  • 6. Got To Be Someone
  • 7. Hard Times
  • 8. Napa Valley
  • 9. South Bend
  • 10. Frightened


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