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  1. Big Boat [MP3]
  2. I Shall Not Be Moved [MP3]
  3. I'm A Steady Rollin' Man
  4. Before They Get Me Down
  5. Wrong Woman
  6. Lepidoptera
  7. My Baby Leavin'
  8. Walkin In the Rain
  9. Wake Up Baby
  10. I Feel Like Steppin' Out
  11. See Happy Song
  12. Samson and Delilah
  13. Manifold
  14. Devil In A Woodpile




Devil in a Woodpile Division Street

BS 065 2000
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It's time to step in the Wayback Machine and travel back to the mists of the early days of the 20th century. You know, back when music wasn't categorized or electrified. Those were the halcyon days of shellac and wax cylinders and Victrolas and washboards. Mmmmmm..... washboards.

Emerging from this inky past is Devil In A Woodpile's musical offering of blues, ragtime, country, hillbilly, jazz, you name it. (You probably won't name it R&B or metal, but I'll bet it'll still have you shaking your ass...)

Division Street's lineup of harmonica, standup bass, National Steel, washboard and tuba plants the musical acorns that have sprouted into the mighty oaks of American music. Come to think of it, if it weren't for this kind of music we probably wouldn't have the rich musical heritage which allows us to enjoy Ashlee Simpson or Kid Rock quite the way we do today.

Okay that last part's a joke, but if we can get the search engines to send teenagers to our website through mentioning Hannah Montana and Limp Bizkit we may be able to save society. That's just what Devil in a Woodpile is trying to do. Won't you help?

Features the unmatchable guest talents of Andrew Bird and his fiddle on "Wrong Woman" and "I Feel Like Steppin' Out."

"The sound has evolved slightly, but is just as good timey as before, with Rick 'Cookin' Sherry milking that carny-barker voice to good advantage. At times, they echo the Django Reinhardt hot jazz sound, sounding much dirtier than say the, Hot Club of Cowtown. The Woodpile guys have survived two albums and still sound like they came fresh from the can." —New City

"Even within Chicago's diverse roots-music scene, this quartet is distinctive because of its unique instrumentation. They function flawlessly as a unit with Kaye's masterful guitar lines and Schepers resonant tuba lines complementing Sherry's engaging 'grab em by the throat' vocal tone." —Chicago Sun-Times



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