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  1. Blood Sweat & Murder (Scott H. Biram)
  2. De-Railed (Sixteen Horsepower)
  3. Glass of Wine (Paul Burch & Ralph Stanley)
  4. Close Your House Down (Cordero)
  5. Ocean Size (Bobby Bare Jr.)
  6. Behind That Locked Door (My Morning Jacket)
  7. The Plan (Matt Mays & El Torpedo)
  8. Little White Pills (The Meat Purveyors)
  9. A Living Hell (The Bottle Rockets)
  10. Do You Want To Go Somewhere? (Richard Buckner)
  11. Lonesome Roads (Carla Bozulich)
  12. Sputnik 57 (Minus 5)
  13. I'm Yer Huckleberry (Nine Pound Hammer)
  14. No Way Out But Down (Graham Lindsey)
  15. Tumbling Tumbleweeds (Sally Timms)
  16. Harridan of Yore (Graham Parker & The Figgs)
  17. Where Are All Of My Friends? (Deadstring Brothers) [MP3]
  18. Chicken Road (Kelly Hogan & The Wooden Leg)
  19. Shake A Tail Feather (Andre Williams & The Sadies)
  20. Tearin' My Hair Out (99 Tales)
  21. Love Train (The Yayhoos)


  1. Two Way Action (Nora O'Connor & Andrew Bird) [MP3]
  2. Ship to Spain (Crooked Fingers)
  3. I'd Be Lonesome (Old 97s)
  4. How Many Biscuits Can You Eat? (Split Lip Rayfield)
  5. I Want to Destroy You (Dollar Store)
  6. Cold Company (Mary Lou Lord)
  7. Now I Know (Milton Mapes)
  8. Magnificent Seven (Jon Rauhouse)
  9. Call of the Wreckin' Ball (John Doe w/Jim and Jennie & The Pinetops)
  10. Got Just What I Want (Devil in a Woodpile)
  11. Josephine (Puerto Muerto)
  12. Juke Joint Jumping (Wayne Hancock & Hank III)
  13. Red Head (Blanche)
  14. The Lost Soul (The Handsome Family)
  15. Tell Me (Catfish Haven)
  16. People Who Died (Porter Hall TN)
  17. Berliners (The Court and Spark)
  18. How Long (Have You Been Gone)? (Rex Hobart &The Misery Boys)
  19. How Can I Be So Thirsty Today? (Petty Booka w/ The Meat Purveyors)
  20. Burn the Flag (The Starkweathers)
  21. I Fought the Law (Waco Brothers)

Various Artists For A Decade of Sin: 11 Years of Bloodshot Records

BS 112 2005 $9.95
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1994: The year that saw, amidst a spasm of hubris, boredom and naiveté, the release of Bloodshot Records’ first CD, the compilation, For A Life of Sin. 11 years and 125 releases later, we’d learned some hard lessons and spent many a sleepless night wrestling in the venal snake pit that is the music industry.

To celebrate surviving in this racket, we bypassed the usual retrospective route and hammered out a 42 song, 2 disc collection with a 24-page color booklet featuring only NEW and PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED TRACKS. On board are current and past members of the Bloodshot family like Bobby Bare Jr., Bottle Rockets, Waco Brothers, Kelly Hogan, Old 97s, Wayne Hancock and Graham Parker, good friends we’ve made along the way like Sixteen Horsepower, Richard Buckner, Minus 5, Crooked Fingers, Andrew Bird, Handsome Family and My Morning Jacket, and a few folks we’ve long admired like Dr. Ralph Stanley, John Doe, and Hank Williams III. (See the full line up to the left).

Since the beginning, Bloodshot has been, in many ways, a damned enterprise. By not bothering with stylistic strait jackets, we haven’t made it too easy for anyone to get a solid grasp on what we do or what to call it- some of the time, we don’t even know. We’ve always loved the music that exists between the clearly defined genres, nestled in the dark, nebulous cracks where punk and country and soul and pop and bluegrass and rock mix and mingle and mutate. We’ve always been drawn to artists unafraid of molesting and caressing roots forms and tropes to create strange and wonderful new sounds.

"This marvelous collection is a not-so-subtle reminder of the beautiful and nebulous nuances that austere honest music can convey. To choose one standout track would be an unforgivable injustice as so many of these artists hit you hard and rattle you to your that until now I didn't know I was waiting my entire life to hear." —Hour Magazine

“This is American music, goddammit. That’s it – American and there’s nothing better.” —Chicagoist

“All this variety suggests that Bloodshot is doing something right. It has made a name for itself in a niche market while at the same time proving that niche isn’t so small.” —Pitchfork

“Marvelously showcasing the likes of My Morning Jacket and Old 97’s, this comp from the Chicago-based roots record company is so good it’ll make you want to do bad things.” —Entertainment Weekly

“Anyone drawn by the higher-profile favorites-Graham Parker, the Old 97’s. the Waco Brothers, My Morning Jacket-will likely discover a bunch of new favorites within the two-disc bargain.” —Amazon

"Bottom line: while label comps tend to be notoriously lax in the quality-control department, this one's that rare instance of all wheat, no chaff." —Harp

“Each of the two 21-song discs has the flow of a great radio show or a mix-tape from a feisty lover.” —No Depression

“The problem is that there’s no way to summarize a compilation as diverse and consistently amazing as this one, and though the artists may share roots in traditional Americana, the ways they use these influences and combine them with other kinds of music are as different from one another as snowflakes.” —Splendid



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