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  1. I'm Not a Stealer [MP3]
  2. 27 Hours
  3. Unbroken
  4. Entitled
  5. It Takes Love
  6. Lay Me Down
  7. Jones Street
  8. For a Time
  9. Such a Crime
  10. I Know You Dear
  11. The Long Black Veil

***Self-Released by the band, you can order Deadstring Brothers' first release right here, right now, right good.***

Not available digitally.

Deadstring Brothers Deadstring Brothers

TB 004 2006 $6.50

It may be a surprise to hear the wistful Americana sound of Detroit's Deadstring Brothers coming from a city better known for loud rock, but disillusionment can take many channels. Desolation, frustration and regret have always been present where great country music has played, and from its bombed-out inner city to its sterile suburbs, Detroit has its share. But Deadstring Brothers have worked to develop their own take on Americana, drawing influences from a variety of sources.

The debut CD from Deadstring Brothers; we heard this record when it came out and flipped. It's easy to see why it quickly became a favorite in the UK.

Not unlike the Stones (before they got all creepy and wrinkly), Deadstring Brothers deliver a menacing sound that draws equally on the melancholy of country ballads and the abandon of rock and blues. The band's music is deeply rooted in the storytelling and instrumental traditions of Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and the "Outlaw Movement," while lead singer Kurt Marschke's vocals betray the more modern influence of singer/songwriters like Jeff Buckley, Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave.



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2006 $6.50