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Daddy's Farm

Daddy’s Farm is bluegrass for metalheads. One of the strangest (and fastest) hybrids of metal, bluegrass, country you've ever heard,

Full Description

Inelegant lyrics, incomprehensible time changes, indecipherable artwork, commercial indifference and critical indignation. The legend of Scroat Belly won’t die...

Daddy's Farm is a journey into the Heartland of Darkness, where drugs, poverty, incest, violence and alcohol form the lifeblood that beats black and fierce in more hearts than you want to think about. Scroat Belly took that lifeblood and crafted a 16-song concept album that is 46 minutes of feeling like a bull in the chute right after that flank strap’s been pulled tight.

While metal and rock and hip-hop got together and gave us everything from Body Count, to ICP (the horror) to Jay Z and Linkin Park (ugh), no one has ever had balls enough to try that with bluegrass and metal and whatever else you can throw in the hopper. Unlike the spawn of Scroat Belly, Split Lip Rayfield, who play metal for bluegrass freaks, Daddy’s Farm is bluegrass for metalheads. This is the loudest, fastest record we’ve ever put out. It’s not music for quietly sipping green tea and reading the Sunday New York Times. A band that’ll fuck you as soon as kill you doesn’t play it for yuks. (Though they can get their brand of honky tonk balladry and fist in your beer weepers on like ""The Booze Won't Let Me Down" or the "The Whiskey's Gone".)

More than 15 years later, the legend of Scroat Belly remains. You told us then this record was years ahead of its time; well it's time for you iPod-toting slack motherfuckers to step up to the plate.

Born In A Barn
Drinkin' and Flailin'
New Orleans

Short Description
  • A warped but effective Southern gothic tale whose speed and muscle only adds to its power.

    — Capital Times
  • 16 tracks of whacked-out hillbilly mosh pit tunes...[it] struts like Iggy Pop and wails like Hank Williams, changing tempos and tunes so fast it'll leave your head spinning.

    — Oxford Town
  • Perhaps the music was too extreme––songs could shift from sounding like a great but obscure Bakersfield single, to a track that might have given thrash metal’s Big Four––Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica––a few sleepless nights for its heaviness and sheer brutality.

    — PopMatters
  • Sounds a bit like the Butthole Surfers if that band did meth instead of acid and decided to be more creepy. Daddy's Farm is a Bloodshot Records cornerstone, an unthinkable hybrid of metal, prog, country and bluegrass.

    — Pitch Kansas City

Track List

  • 1. Daddy's Farm 1
  • 2. Born in a Barn
  • 3. Drinkin and Flailin
  • 4. Whiskey Drinking SOB
  • 5. Cowboy
  • 6. Drinkin Around
  • 7. Daddy's Farm 2Sister/Stranger
  • 8. Pistol
  • 9. The Booze Won't Let Me Down
  • 10. Daddy's Farm 3
  • 11. Swing Colonel
  • 12. Honda
  • 13. The Whiskey's Gone
  • 14. I Loved Her
  • 15. New Orleans


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