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1. Duper
2. If Feelings Mean a Thing
3. Tito’s Riser
4. The Regiments
5. Melting the Ice
6. Summer’s End
7. River Bait
8. Milo’s Creeper
9. A Hazmat Dream
10. Wandered Again
11. Clergymen Segway
12. Barging In

"The band’s debut album, Fingerprints, finds them re-energized, working in the realm of spazzed-out strangeness that has become Schmersal’s signature sound. Lead single “If Feelings Mean A Thing” is a lurching-yet-kinetic falsetto burner that’s worth a spin." --Stereogum

Misra Records CROOKS ON TAPE --- "Fingerprint"

MSR 073 2013 $11.95

Crooks on Tape is John Schmersal (Enon,Brainiac) + Rick Lee (Enon, Skeleton Key) + Joey Galvan. The unscripted band was born out of a simple notion: convene, improvise, and record every moment. “Fingerprint” is their debut record.

In 2010, the Los Angeles trio assembled a rotating fortress of instruments, synthesizers, samplers, and loopers.
Crooks recorded hundreds of hours of material, largely instrumental in its original performance. “Fingerprint” is
the first evidence of this undertaking and a window into the band’s sound. The debut record you hear is analogous to tiny snapshots of an altered crime scene.

In many ways, Crooks picks up where Enon left off. Rick and John created two instrumental records in Enon’s early days (“Long Play” and “On Hold”). “Fingerprint” is an outgrowth of those directions, spun in a totally live, improvisational context, augmented by vocals. Though unpredictable, Joey’s marked drumming style provides the adhesion, gluing the group together when sessions become too cacophonous.

“Fingerprint” is for Crooks a pop record — the band at its most accessible. Stranger things are to follow.



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