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Cowboy Sally EP

This CD-EP is out of print and only available as a digital download.

On this dandy EP Sally takes on country luminaries John Anderson, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Pee Wee King and the Handsome Family.

Full Description

This teaser EP captures Sally's ability to wrap her luscious tenor around some lovely and mournful songs. With the help of some of her wonderfully talented friends, she tackles such country luminaries as John AndersonDolly PartonJohnny CashPee Wee King and the Handsome Family.  It all blends together in a rich, warm smear, like lipstick traces on a whiskey-sour glass.

Here's the lineup:

John Anderson's "Seminole Wind" done with significant bluster, backed by the Waco Brothers.

The Handsome Family's classic (but back then, it was brand new) chilling masterpiece "Drunk By Noon" backed by the Family themselves

Members of the Mekons back Sally on the surprisingly trad version of Dolly Parton's "Old Flames Can't Hold a Candle To You."

Jon Langford and The Baron (Pulsars) join with Sally to create a completey original and wonderful version of the monster C&W hit "Tennessee Waltz."

Sally and members of the Mekons join for a pretty straight take on Lefty Frizzell's "Long Black Veil," but somehow, someway, Sally makes it her own.

By the end of the EP, you'll asking "Sally, Why, why only 16 minutes?"  You'll be pleading "Sally, please, please sing more for us."


Short Description
  • Timm's honey-edged lilt brings out the strength of contemporary pieces while breathing new life into cliched classics.

    — Pulse
  • You'd think waltzing Sally Timms was raised in the swamps of Florida after hearing her beguiling, haunting interpretation of John Anderson's lament "Seminole Wind."

    — LA Weekly
  • On each of these songs, Timms’ winsome singing pays tribute to the undying beauty of the melody, while the stirring, subtly subversive arrangements firmly plant her interpretations outside the realm of mere revivalism.

    — No Depression
  • Timms' determined, stoic delivery and folk-rock arrangements occasionally recall the work of Richard and Linda Thompson, but her treatment of chestnuts like "Tennessee Waltz" and "Long Black Veil" makes the songs completely her own.


Track List

  • 1. Seminole Wind
  • 2. Drunk By Noon
  • 3. Old Flames Can't Hold a Candle to You
  • 4. Tennessee Waltz
  • 5. Long Black Veil


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