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  1. See Willy Fly By [MP3]
  2. Waco Express
  3. Take Me to the Fires [MP3]
  4. Out There A Ways
  5. Dollar Dress
  6. Out in the Light
  7. Cowboy in Flames
  8. Fast Train Down
  9. Wreck on the Highway
  10. Dry Land
  11. Do What I Say
  12. White Lightning
  13. Big River
  14. The Death of Country Music

"Possessed by the demon of rock'n'roll, haunted by the ghosts of old country music... to make matters better, the group's originals are so consistently inspired they come across as instant classics." —Billboard

"They may be pillaging country's grave, but in the Waco Brothers' hands, such desecration becomes an act of reverence." —Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune

Waco Brothers Cowboy in Flames

BS 015 1997 $6.95
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The second chapter in the saga of Los Hermanos Wacos, Cowboy in Flames is widely regarded as THE perfect marriage of punk, liquor and roots. It's a wicked little skunk tossed into the tent of bloated, corrupt excesses. Making good on their promise (or was that a threat??) of their first record, the Wacos deliver a slab brimming with grim romanticism, and joyous, near ecstatic, drunken stomps. Join the cause as they strip the fat and greasepaint off country music's carcass and build a pagan temple out of its bones.

In addition to anthemic (and we don't bandy that word around lightly) originals like "See Willy Fly By," the title track, "Take Me to the Fires," "Do What I Say," there are scalding versions of "White Lightning," "Wreck On The Highway," and "Big River." This baby's got more classics on it than Get Your Ya's Ya's Out. We think you'll agree--Cowboy In Flames is a sure tonic to wash the taste of disgust out of a parched nation's throat.



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