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Couples in Trouble

12 songs about, well, couples in trouble--jumping from pop, rock, bluegrass, to country and back again...effortlessly crafted together to clarify and color each scenario

Full Description

The expansiveness and daredevil nature of Robbie's talent is in full bloom on this release, and for those of you ready to tamp down the gravesite of the concept album, PUT THAT SHOVEL DOWN. Please, check your assumptions at the door.

Couples in Trouble is a collection of 12 songs, each of which presents, well, couples in trouble. The stories vary and as the stories and characters come from all over, so does the music, jumping from pop, rock, bluegrass, to country and back again. Nevertheless these styles are effortlessly crafted together to clarify and color each scenario. Couple this with Robbie's unpredictability and complete disinterest in passing mainstream fancies and it's obvious that someone's in trouble. However, you, the listener, are not that person.

It remains deeply troubling to us that the American music buying public and media behemoths throw up their hands in confusion at a diligently crafted album that DEFIES easy categorization.

Their loss.

Short Description
  • It’s the kind of departure album you want a songwriter the caliber of Fulks to write... it’s his strongest album so far and a far progression from his others.

    — Daily Herald
  • An intimate, soul-searching approach that yields riveting results.

  • It's far more cohesive and ultimately more satisfying than his major label rock dalliance, Let's Kill Saturday Night--proving that Fulks works best when he has no one to answer to but himself.

    — Rolling Stone
  • To these ears, the standout qualities of a Robbie Fulks record are both that air of unpredictability and the fact that he doesn't as much sing his songs as he performs them. Believe me, there is a difference and it is the flat out performance that makes Couples in Trouble the engrossing listening experience it is. Highly recommended.

    — Time Out New York

Track List

  • 1. In Bristol Town One Bright Day
  • 2. Anything for Love
  • 3. Dancing on the Ashes
  • 4. She Needs You Now
  • 5. My Tormentor
  • 6. Real Money
  • 7. Mad At a Girl
  • 8. Brenda's New Stepfather
  • 9. I've Got to Tell Myself the Truth
  • 10. Banks of the Marianne
  • 11. The Grip of our Love
  • 12. Never Could


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