Meat Purveyors Come and Take It EP
| BS 909
Digital Only

Come And Take It EP

Originally released by the band as a limited edition CD-EP

It is only available digitally

A mix of fast-and-furious, weepy, boastful, and downright surly songs. And a Devo song.

Full Description

Try as they might, the Meat Purveyors just couldn't quit each other, they are the Brett Favres of Austin. AND they reclaimed their original moniker, TEXAS Meat Purveyors for this EP

After swearing up and down in 2006 that they would never perform together again, they whipped up a LIMITED EDITION OF 100 CD-EP.

With three Bill Anderson originals, a Devo cover, two covers by little-known Austin bands that they love (track #3--a demonstrably TRUE song title if ever there was one, and track #7 which we suspect has us on NSA watchlists), and one traditional tune, the EP is more of what you have come to love from the band: a mix of fast-and-furious, weepy, boastful, and downright surly songs. Peter Stiles is still plays the fastest mandolin around the punk scene, Cherilyn is still the foxiest upright bass player, and Jo is still the sweetest-but-meanest singer round these parts.

DJs (and folks with delicate constitutions) be warned: the first and third songs are rife with profanities, the sixth song has strong sexual content and tacitly condones illicit and immoral behavior, and the last song could be considered by some to be downright seditious.

Short Description
  • A welcome return of TMP’s signature raucous strings, irreverent attitude, and stomping fury, balanced by a couple tender tear-in-your-beer ballads.

    — Austin Sound

Track List

  1. Who Knew?
  2. Beautiful World (Devo!)
  3. Teenagers Are Assholes
  4. I'm Not Crying
  5. Crying Holy Unto The Lord
  6. Why I Gotta Be So Famous?
  7. Don't Shoot The President

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