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  1. Cody's Dream [MP3]
  2. Let Me Down Easy
  3. The Last Leaves
  4. She Calls
  5. One More Cup of Coffee
  6. Leaving with the Swamptones
  7. Cherokee Grove [MP3]
  8. I Promise
  9. And So Be It Then
  10. The Closing Theme
  11. She Sleeps Through The Sirens
  12. Deep Inside Your Shade
  13. Cody's Last Ride

"Sounding like a cross between Lee Hazelwood and Nick Cave, Pickerel has rustled up a batch of unforgettable country noir that references the past while sounding thoroughly modern." —Portland Mercury

"Cody’s Dream rolls languidly through a barren but beautiful wasteland full of abandoned saloons, narrated by Pickerel’s smoky voice. Bits of big-’80s guitar a la The Church and chiming string and mellotron textures add to the broken loveliness." —The Onion A.V. Club

Mark Pickerel Cody's Dream

BS 146 2008 $6.49
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Inspired by a solitary trip through the South without a working car radio and only his own thoughts to keep him company, Mark Pickerel’s second album for Bloodshot, Cody’s Dream, is a Steinbeckian odyssey through modern America; a tale of throughways and the characters that occupy them. The result: Thirteen dusty gems flirting with the static-y ghosts of Motown, Tin Pan Alley, classic pop, and soul; dancing across the radio spectrum like a trail of mileposts in the rearview.

Cody’s Dream sees Mark once again back to work with legendary producer Steve Fisk (Nirvana, Screaming Trees, Wedding Present), and a crack team of Northwest music all-star players, including guitarist Johnny Sangster (whose production credits include Mudhoney, The Fucking Eagles, The Briefs), Danish pedal steel whiz Maggie BjorklundJim Sangster on bass (Young Fresh Fellows), and drummer Michael Musburger (Supersuckers, Fastbacks, Posies). Other VIPs include Texan guitar slinger Ian Moore and cellist Barb Hunter (Afghan Whigs, Twilight Singers).

With Mark, it’s about THE VOICE—a sly baritone equally inviting and troubling but as-cool-as-the-other-side-of-the-pillow: a verbal reincarnation of Lee Marvin. Warm whiskey breath on a cold winter’s night.

Cody’s Dream is a bold addition to Mark’s impressive canon of work: elegies and testimonials of the places for restless souls and the roads that take them there. So turn the key and head out into the wilderness. You’re not alone.

"Pickerel’s dusky baritone sounds like gathering storm clouds in the Arizona desert, while his band conjures up a dusty landscape of spaghetti-Western-tinged saloon rock and lonesome Americana, tempered with the occasional dash of cowpunk. If that sounds dour, it’s not: Pickerel’s a hopeless romantic with flawless tastes and an uncanny knack for combining his influences into remarkably compelling and original art and storytelling." —Harp Magazine

"Like a dream half remembered, Pickerel’s music gives you a mysterious sense of déjà vu. I have been in this landscape/soundscape before, and I like it." —The Scene

" Terrifically haunting ... just might, in fact, put voices in your head on the next long drive." No Depression

"Cody’s Dream has a soul that goes beyond music and all the credit goes to Pickerel for moving forward and giving us the goods he teased his last go-round. Pickerel found direction and now we’re ready to hitch our car to wherever his speeding train takes us." —Electronic Voice Phenomenon



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