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  1. Can You Deal With It? [MP3]
  2. Hear Ya Dance
  3. Never Had A Problem [MP3]
  4. Pray For Your Daughter
  5. If You Leave Me
  6. Rosalie
  7. If It Wasn't For You
  8. Your Woman
  9. Can't Take 'Em Off

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"An album of almost unprecedented punk-soul blues. Thick, humid, sweaty and sleazy … even the freaking high-hats have a bass tone to them on this album." —Nine Bullets

Andre Williams Can You Deal With It?

BS 155 2008 $7.49
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"This is the music Mick Jagger wanted to make on Exile on Main St. Recorded in New Orleans with a sizzling band featuring funky horns and a lowdown, sinewy guitar, along with eerie organ courtesy of Quintron, it is a one-man Ponderosa Stomp Festival. Imagine if the best of 1960s-era soul met the best of garage out in a swamp at midnight." —Blurt

Traveling from Chicago to New Orleans on the mainline, R&B cult hero Andre "Mr. Rhythm" Williams has teamed with the Crescent City's hedonistic barroom punks The New Orleans Hellhounds. The ‘hounds share several band members with the notorious Morning 40 Federation, a band of alcoholic miscreants whose shows have more in common with demolition derbies than actual concerts.Like the unique city his backing boys call home, 'Dre has been dirty, down, broke and pushed to the edge of oblivion more than once, but both have managed to keep a glint in their eye and a strut in their step. The original Black Godfather wants us all to know on Can You Deal With it? that he can still get around and get down with a Hellhound Sound that's as thick as an August night in the bayou.

This is some heavy punk-soul, brothers and sisters. Andre's in firm voice, from his sly, come-hither leer on "Hear Ya Dance" to his guttural and guttery yowl on "Never Had A Problem", to the downright TUFF throw down on "If You Leave Me." The Hellhounds, with their fat horns, fuzzed out guitars and crack rhythm section, provide backing with all the subtlety of a bike chain beatdown. Add to the mix the Ninth Ward mad scientist virtuoso oddball genius Quintron on organ and this band lays down a serious base coat of soulful wallop befitting the legacy of Andre. You have been duly warned, oh seekers of the rock, that this record has more grind in it than a 3 am cup of diner coffee.

He's here to tell it like it is. With a nod, a wink, a chuckle, and a rousing HELL YEAH! 'Dre and New Orleans. Two fighters. Yes, we can deal with that.

So can a lot of others. Read on...

"Destined to be one of 2008's sharp and memorable entries, the hard living lyrical poetry of Andre Williams' buried deep inside Can You Deal With It? is matched only by The New Orleans Hellhounds' bent buzz saw instrumental arrangements. Oh, Man!" —An Honest Tune

"All the elements that Williams has used to reinvent himself over the past decade are in perfect balance, making the album as close to a definitive statement as Williams has ever made. Songs like 'If You Leave Me' and 'Your Woman' groove mercilessly, while 'If It Wasn’t For You' is a surprisingly touching ballad. Williams may never get the respect he deserves from R&B aficionados but Can You Deal With It? is a powerful punk-soul fusion that will stand the test of time." —Exclaim

"These guys caught septuagenarian Chicago legend Williams’ spirit, slathered it on their own more self-conscious, if well-lubricated ’tude and threw it into the deep fryer. The result is something that kills—and we mean beats into a bloody pulp—most of the over-reverent (or over-conceptualized) projects by forgotten veteran R&B-sters in recent years." —Off Beat

[The CD] finds the singer in full lustful vigor, dishing out provocations and bawdy mantras over fuzzed-out garage rock guitars, burlesque parlor drums and the spooky carnival organ-playing of Ninth Ward cult hero Mr. Quintron ... this unfettered and uncut original is a stirring avatar of darker and wilder days in American music. —

"Williams has made plenty of albums that are louder and crazier, but it's been a long time since he grooved as hard as he does on 'Your Woman' and 'If You Leave Me.'" —All Music Guide

"A sleaze rock mud bath. Stylistically, you get the works. Whether it’s hot-rodded R&B, a woozy hangover ballad, or just some good old-fashioned front porch country, this album’s got just about everything you can cram under the garage rock umbrella. Williams and the kids from NOLA are a perfect fit ... carried off with the right balance of reverence and reckless abandon the results can be extremely rewarding." —PopMatters

"Sweaty grindhouse soul." —Positively Yeah Yeah Yeah