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  1. Rebel Rock Armageddon [MP3]
  2. Treat Her Right
  3. Pardon Me
  4. Buckshot
  5. Yvette
  6. Getting By
  7. Plastic Love
  8. Gone to Seed
  9. Army Blues
  10. Get Me a Job [MP3]
  11. Burdett's Pond

"These boys take passion over polish every time and that lends an irresistible vitality. Their sizzling blend of Sun Record rockabilly, Blasters roots punk and hard ass roadhouse is undeniable." —Exclaim

"If an American roots music spokesband needed to be nominated, The Riptones would have to be on the ballot." Rockpile

The Riptones Buckshot

BS 067 2000 $5.00
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On their fifth record (and third for us), The Riptones serve up a fresh blasts of roots music that is sure to shake your tree. Freely and unashamedly mixing the hearts and souls of country, honky-tonk, rockabilly, blues and whatever else gets feet to tappin' and parties to hoppin', this release will leave your CD player reeking of stale beer and secondhand smoke.

Can the lover of true whip-smart roots music ask for anything more?



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2000 $5.00
1999 $5.00
1997 $5.00