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Bourbonitis Blues

Alejandro and his "classical glam" Orchestra at their finest: off the cuff, loose and tight.


Full Description

Alejandro and his "classical glam" Orchestra at their finest: off the cuff, loose and tight.


Short Description
  • Escovedo reveals a classic rock ’n’ roll attitude tempered by his survivor instincts [and] his sonic templates are basic but essential — the Stones, the Velvets, Iggy and maybe some Mott the Hoople.

    — Metro Times
  • Bourbonitis Blues is a masterpiece of despair, the soundtrack for those nights when heartache is harder to shake than heroin.

    — Miami New Times
  • Alejandro Escovedo makes you wanna cry, fall in love, and get loaded all at the same time... He'll put cellos and violins on a song that'll make the awful, tucked-away memories of every broken heart you've had come flooding back to you. And then he'll take those old nightmares he left you with, flip them over, and blow 'em up with some of the nastiest, gnarliest Stones-type rockers that even the best bar bands only dream about pulling off.

    — Orange County Weekly
  • Bourbonitis Blues comes the closest yet to getting everything Escovedo does best down on a single disc. BB finally touches on both the fragile poignancy and reckless bashing that make Escovedo's shows so exhilarating. They nailed it.

    — Now Magazine
  • With The Alejandro Escovedo Orchestra, he has synthesized the disparate elements of his musical background, punk, art rock, cowpunk, and roots rock into a wonderfully rich, distinctive and atmospheric sound, one, however, that his previous labels were unable or unwilling to put on record in uncompromised form.

    — 3rd Coast Music

Track List

  • 1. I Was Drunk
  • 2. Irene Wilde
  • 3. California Blues (duet with Jon Langford)
  • 4. Guilty
  • 5. Amsterdam
  • 6. Everybody Loves Me
  • 7. Pale Blue Eyes (duet with Kelly Hogan)
  • 8. Sacramento & Polk
  • 9. Sex Beat (duet w/ Melissa Swingle of Trailer Bride)


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