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Bottle Rockets/The Brooklyn Side Reissue

A remastered two-CD deluxe reissue set of the long out-of-print albums, with an additional 19 previously unreleased tracks and an expansive 40-page booklet.

One of Paste Magazine's 50 Best Southern Rock Albums of All Time

The Bottle Rockets’ 1st and 2nd albums are widely revered as not only two of the band’s finest releases, but also two formative, flagship recordings in the nascent era of a now-broadly recognized genre. Classics.

Full Description

Bottle Rockets and The Brooklyn Side are collected here as a remastered two-CD deluxe reissue set of the long out-of-print albums, with an additional 19 previously unreleased tracks. The package consists of an extensive 40-page booklet detailing the band in full context of the ‘90s alt- scene, with editorial contributions from respected peers and fellow musicians such as Steve Earle, Patterson Hood, Lucinda Williams, and many others. Both reissued albums and bonus material have been meticulously remastered under the supervision of famed producer and musician Eric “Roscoe” Ambel.

Bottle Rockets was originally released in 1993 and was the first true showing of the band’s signature country-aware, rough and ragged rock ‘n’ roll style, matched with Henneman’s blue-collar songwriting skills, with lyrics depicting the life, struggle and dark humors of everyday people. The eponymous album notably features back-up vocal performances from former members of Uncle Tupelo: Jeff Tweedy (now of Wilco) and Jay Farrar (Son Volt). Bonus tracks include original demos from Henneman, both solo and backed by the members of Uncle Tupelo, acoustic demos, and Chicken Truck/pre-Bottle Rockets-era recordings.

In 1994, The Brooklyn Side came out to a relatively greater amount of significant success, marked both by its stature in the now burgeoning alt- movement and as The Bottle Rockets’ most popular effort to date. Following the album release, the band later signed with major label Atlantic Records, toured widely, and reached a national audience with an appearance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Bonus songs for The Brooklyn Side reissue include acoustic demos, unreleased tracks from the album sessions, and live recordings from the era.

Short Description
  • The first thing I learned about The Bottle Rockets was that they had songs. Real songs with a beginning and a middle and an end. I heard "Radar Gun" and my ears perked up because it rocked alright, but more than that, a character had been created and a story was being told and, at least for that moment, I believed there was hope for the future of rock and roll.

    — Steve Earle
  • The songs of that era were strong and commanding. If you need any more proof of that, here would be as good as a place as any to start.

    — Pop Matters
  • The Brooklyn Side is one of my favorite records from the 90s. It is about as close to perfect as a modern rock country album can get, and its influence on all us cowboy-hatted rockers from those glory days of the 90s is incalculable

    — Jason Ringenberg, Jason and The Scorchers
  • Craftsmanship and inspiration that defy genre, with choruses and bridges that seem eternal.

    — LA Weekly
  • The critical respect and commercial success the Drive-By Truckers would earn after 2001's Southern Rock Opera was the victory The Bottle Rockets should have claimed, confirming there was an audience ready for their blue collar smarts and rowdy, guitar-fueled attack.

  • This reissue of the first two Bottle Rockets albums from '93 and '94 brings back with startling clarity how in tune Henneman was with the times, lyrically foreshadowing the decline of the middle class amid the rise of urban sprawl and taking well-aimed shots at unchecked racism and political correctness, all while leading his band like Warren Zevon fronting Crazy Horse.

    — exclaim
  • Henneman deftly combines a quick-witted penchant for wordplay with a troubadour's plain speaking, letting his hooks and the band's thick guitars do the talking when words just aren't enough.

    — The Big Takeover
  • If you don't know The Bottle Rockets, there's no better time to get acquainted.

    — SPIN

Track List

Disc 1:

  • 1. Early in the Morning
  • 2. Gas Girl
  • 3. Trailer Mama
  • 4. Wave That Flag
  • 5. Kerosene
  • 6. Every Kinda Everything
  • 7. Got What I Wanted
  • 8. Manhattan Countryside
  • 9. Rural Route
  • 10. Bud Nanney Theme
  • 11. The Very Last Time
  • 12. Hey Moon
  • 13. Lonely Cowboy
  • 14. Indianapolis (1991 Acoustic Demo with Uncle Tupelo's Jeff Tweedy & Jay Farrar)
  • 15. Manhattan Countryside(1991 Acoustic Demo with Uncle Tupelo's Jeff Tweedy & Jay Farrar)
  • 16. Wallflower(1991 Acoustic Demo with Uncle Tupelo's Jeff Tweedy & Jay Farrar)
  • 17. Idiot's Revenge(1991 Acoustic Demo with Uncle Tupelo's Jeff Tweedy & Jay Farrar)
  • 18. Dead Dog Memories (Acoustic Demo)
  • 19. Hey Moon (1993 Radio Performance on Thirsty Ear)
  • 20. Get Down River (1993 Radio Performance on Thirsty Ear)
  • 21. White Trash (1989 Chicken Truck Version)
  • 22. Radar Gun (1989 Chicken Truck Version)
  • 23. Lonely Cowboy (1989 Chicken Truck Version)
  • 24. Coffee Monkey (1989 Chicken Truck Version)
  • 25. Wave That Flag (1989 Chicken Truck Version)
  • 26. Brand New Year (1989 Chicken Truck Version)

Disc 2:

  • 1. Welfare Music
  • 2. Gravity Fails
  • 3. I'll Be Comin' Around
  • 4. Radar Gun
  • 5. Sunday Sports
  • 6. Pot of Gold
  • 7. 1000 Dollar Car [stream/download]
  • 8. Idiot's Revenge
  • 9. Young Lovers in Town
  • 10. Take Me to the Bank
  • 11. What More Can I Do
  • 12. Stuck in a Rut
  • 13. I Wanna Come Home
  • 14. Queen of the World
  • 15. This Is What It Sounds Like When You're Listening to Lindsey Buckingham and Thinking of Your Friend's Girlfriend at the Same Time (1994 Acoustic Demo)
  • 16. Building Chryslers (1994 Acoustic Demo)
  • 17. Smokin' 100s Alone (1994 Acoustic Demo)
  • 18. Truck Driving Man (Previously Unreleased Track)
  • 19. Welfare Music (1994 Live at Mercury Lounge)
  • 20. Farmer John (1994 Live at Mercury Lounge)


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