Dale Watson The Bottle Never Let Me Down Bloodshot Six Pack to Go 7" Single
JP Harris Merle Haggard Drink Up and Be Somebody Bloodshot Six Pack to Go 7" Single
| BS 238-3

The Bottle Never Let Me Down/Drink Up and Be Somebody (7" Single)

Dale Watson, J.P. Harris

Limited edition 7" single from the Bloodshot Six Pack to Go: Working Songs For the Drinking Class box set

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Stone cold honky tonk! Dale Watson cranks out an original drinkin' song while JP Harris has a go at a Merle Haggard classic

Full Description

The stone cold honky tonk disc! The master Dale Watson himself on the A-side with an original, and Nashville's classicist upstarts JP Harris & the Tough Choices have a go at Merle Haggard's "Drink Up and Be Somebody." (And perhaps Dale Watson's track is a response to a certain Merle song...? We may never know.)

Short Description

Track List

  1. Dale Watson - "The Bottle Never Let Me Down"
  2. J.P. Harris & the Tough Choices - "Drink Up and Be Somebody" (Merle Haggard)


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