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1. Basket of Light
2. Bound to Be
3. Portsmouth, Ohio [MP3]
4. Somewhere Else
5. Daily Affirmation
6. JD’s Blues
7. Where Are You Tonight?
8. Mask from Memory
9. Work Song
10. Shake Me Up
11. Fickle and Faded
12. Bad Dream


"For all its grave intimations, Occasion For Song exhibits a true joy in creating and playing music, in finding the right notes and the right words. It's a complex, even contradictory record, not just the Black Swans' best but one of the most incisive and moving mediations on life and the loss of it in recent memory." --Pitchfork

"It finds them at their most focused and spare and strong musically…[and]the entire record is a quiet, continuous roll of sound, the kind of campfire vigil you’d play when you didn’t want to wake nearby neighbors."--Popmatters

"... a heart-on-sleeve memorial to The Black Swans’ fallen bandmate. It’s also the band’s most shatteringly personal offering to date…The Black Swans prove here that even the bleakest of circumstances can build the foundation for some beautiful music." --Consequence of Sound

Misra Records THE BLACK SWANS -- "Occasion For Song"

MSR 064 2012 $12
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The Black Swans’ Occasion for Song is a messy long-haul of emotions dealing with the death of founding member and violinist Noel Sayre, and the aftermath of memory, shock, and loss it created. Don’t Blame the Stars (Misra; 2011) received a 4/5 from MOJO and was beamed “gorgeous sounding” by Pitchfork and “singular and strong” by Paste. Those compliments are even truer here. Occasion for Song is gorgeous, raw, strange, and sincere.



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