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Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon

180 gram black vinyl. Includes digital download

Known for their uniquely brooding sound that frequently conjures desolate imagery, on Bitter Drink, Bitter MoonMBD capture that familiar tone but also explore new territory, developing a richer, full-bodied sound.

Full Description

Known for their uniquely brooding sound that frequently conjures desolate imagery, on Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon Murder By Death capture a familiar tone but also explore new territory, adding a further refined sophistication and even richer, full-bodied sound.

The varied album ranges musically from the spooky and spare opener “My Hill”, to the rough, rousing sing-along “Hard World”, to the booming, aching waltz of “Ghost Fields.” Songs like the cinematic “Lost River” start hushed before rising to a lush crescendo, while “No Oath, No Spell” maintains a dramatic, bluesy swing, and first single “I Came Around” rumbles and rollicks with a hard-charging, barroom flair. Singer Adam Turla’s cavernous baritone tells shadowy small-town stories throughout, the songs’ oftentimes-upbeat veneer belying a sordid undercurrent.

Across Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon Sarah Balliet’s sonorous cello and Scott Brackett’s multiple instruments (backing vocals, piano, trumpet, and accordion, to name a few) weave irreplaceable accents, and Dagan Thogerson’s robust drums and Matt Armstrong’s inventive bass lines create a resounding low end.

Murder By Death wrote Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon – their first album featuring contributions from Brackett (formerly of Okkervil River and Shearwater)– throughout most of 2011, testing and reworking the songs in Turla’s basement-turned-practice-space. In January, they traveled to Dallas, TX to record with producer John Congleton (Explosions In The Sky, St. Vincent, Black Mountain) over three weeks.

Short Description
  • It's the shadowy tour-de-force they've long threatened.

    — Orlando Weekly
  • On Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon, Murder By Death reach a new plateau in the development of their ongoing pursuit of rollicking gothic indie folk, simultaneously sounding born of an era long past yet grounded in a rock ‘n’ roll spirit that’s nothing if not contemporary.

    — American Songwriter
  • Another example of Murder by Death’s knack for rich storytelling and ability to greet darkness as if it’s an old friend.

    — City Weekly
  • Put simply, Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon is Murder by Death’s most beautiful album to date. It is a robust record brimming with all the qualities we love about the band while taking the music in a new direction. This is a band that has somehow managed to fly just under the radar of most, but if there was ever an album to put them on the map, it’s this one.

    — Paste Magazine
  • This rollicking clash between light and dark gives the album a kind of macabre tent-revival feeling…This level of immersion alone make Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon worth the time it takes to give it a listen, and the fact that the album is filled with killer songs to slam bourbon to is really just icing on the (probably arsenic-laced) cake.

    — All Music Guide
  • addictive blend of indie rock, alt country, classic storytelling, and South-Western spirit that continues to unfold with every listen, and there have been many,many listens.

    — Ghettoblaster
  • On Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon, the band comes off a bit like Tindersticks having a back-porch jam with the Pogues, bringing a sort of folk-rock noir feel to Turla's dark, evocative, Edgar Allen Poe -goes-West lyricism.

    — MTV Hive

Track List

  • 1. My Hill
  • 2. Lost River
  • 3. Straight at the Sun
  • 4. No Oath, No Spell
  • 5. I Came Around
  • 6. Hard World
  • 7. Ditch Lilly
  • 8. The Curse of Elkhart
  • 9. Ramblin'
  • 10. Queen Mab (Instrumental)
  • 11. Go to the Light
  • 12. Oh, To Be An Animal
  • 13. Ghost Fields


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