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  1. Working Class Hero
  2. Yours Truly
  3. Calling Me Back
  4. Been a Long Time [MP3]
  5. Crime
  6. Sweet Loving
  7. 'll Go On Living (Til I Die)
  8. Every Lover


Rico Bell Been A Long Time CD-EP

BS 088 2002 $3.95
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Been A Long Time is a limited edition of 1000 CD-EP spanning several phases of Rico Bell's long and curious career in the musical backwaters of England and the US.

Known best as the long time accordionist/singer for the first wave punk pioneers, The Mekons, Rico has carved out a ragged and romantic identity all his own through his solo material. Rico, in contrast to the blustering chaos of the Mekons, is decidedly a downtrodden softy. His songs reflect the transistor radio he was glued to growing up in Leeds in the heyday of the Mersey Beat. Simple, sad, tear-jerkers with nods towards soul, country, pop, a fantastic version of John Lennon's "Working Class Hero." and R+B, all sung with an end-of-the-bar growl and a weary tenacity.



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