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  1. I'll Go To My Grave Loving You
  2. In Time
  3. Strayed [MP3]
  4. No, Bobby Don't [MP3]
  5. Speedfreak Lullaby
  6. Please Don't Leave Me Lonely
  7. (You Don't Know) The First Thing About Blue
  8. Sugarbowl
  9. Living Without You
  10. Stay

"If singing were really as effortless as Kelly Hogan makes it seem, we'd all be working the Vegas nightclub scene instead of our day jobs. Or we'd at least turn out such well-crafted albums as Because It Feel Good." —Atlanta Journal and Constitution

"Kelly Hogan loves country, rock, and soul just about equally, and with a voice as warm and sticky-sweet as a fresh pecan pie, she does justice to them all." —

Kelly Hogan Because It Feel Good

BS 079 2001 $7.95
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On Because It Feel Good, Hogan rides the wild bummer and shamelessly wallows in torch songs for the down and dismayed. Kelly takes songs by, among others, the Statler Brothers, Randy Newman, Charlie Rich and Smog and gives them the full-on "hide under the covers after bedtime and listen to the forbidden radio" orchestrations of her youth.

With excellent backing from Andrew Bird, Andy Hopkins and Jon Rauhouse, Kelly's voice is front and center as she treats you to a Dusty Springfield on a Staples Singers jag vibe. We'll let the hairs standing on the back of your neck decide if we're lying.

"On her second solo album, Kelly Hogan continues to mine Americana's rich tapestry, revealing both a discriminating taste in songwriters and an uncanny interpretive skill. Unlike most indie rockers, the whipsmart, wisecracking former singer of the Jody Grind and the Rock*A*Teens has the pipes to pull off her lo-fi countrypolitan sound without a hitch." —



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