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Bastard Child

Bravely forges a blend of hopped-up bluegrass, jangly Camper Van Beethoven-ish grooves, Jeannie C. Riley style singing, and a barely contained enthusiasm for AM rock and new wave.

Full Description

It is, far and away, their most ambitious record.   It's got the speed and energy of their previous work, but with a refined ear for the hook.  If the gods smite those with closed, compartmentalized ears, this record will deeply impress with its cross-genre rowdiness.

Choice Cuts:
Burn In Hell
Turn The Lights Down Low
Bastard Child
Nobody Wants to Die

Short Description
  • With their third album, Moonshine Willy's evolution continues sharply upward. Rachel Ferro's violin and Chuck Uchida's lead guitar are either dream or demon, depending on the context.

    — Country Standard Time
  • Bandleader Kim Docter's distinctly un-traditional vocals and savagely cynical lyrics create a unique tension between country twang and big city sneer. Who else could make the Human League's "Don't You Want Me" sound like it was always a country tune?

  • The band blends Docter’s lyrics with country-punk and jangly pop as they skillfully navigate the fine line between brutal and honest and what you end up with is music that’s as haunting as it is catchy.

    — No Depression
  • Docter's earthy singing is never overdone or mannered; her punctuating whoops and yodels give voice to the unabashed enthusiasm and joy that infuse the band's playing...[it's] splendid.

    — Chicago Reader
  • Kim Docter is a keen storyteller with a muscular alto, a tell-it-like-it-is mama who would do Loretta Lynn proud, and her songwriting justifies even the Lynyrd Skynyrd guitar bursts and drunken Nashville choral arrangements. Bottoms up.

    — Entertainment Weekly

Track List

  • 1. Burn in Hell
  • 2. The Learning Song
  • 3. Don't Forget
  • 4. Turn the Lights Down Low
  • 5. Dig a Little Deeper
  • 6. Goin' Down
  • 7. He Doesn't Like Love
  • 8. Bastard Child
  • 9. Goin' Along for the Ride
  • 10. Always
  • 11. Nobody Wants to Die (Black Oak Arkansas cover)
  • 12. Passing Affair
  • 13. Don't You Want Me (Human League cover)


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