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  1. All Love All Gone [MP3]
  2. Get Off on Your Porch
  3. Liked It a Lot
  4. In The Wilderness
  5. Cowboy No. 77
  6. Penny Instead
  7. A. on Horseback
  8. Overtown [MP3]
  9. Marlboro Country
  10. On The River in '59
  11. Death Letter
  12. Heads Up-Heels Down
  13. But I Didn't
  14. If This is Love, Can I Get My Money Back?
  15. Slow Death
  16. American Travelust
  17. Phantom Train
  18. Watch Out
  19. Shake Some Action

"A passionate, hot ‘n’ sweaty amalgam that could only be improved by at least two beers and the knowledge that you don’t need to wake up early the next day. What separates Pickett from many bands with similar approaches is conviction—his voice drips with real-world desperation while not taking his damn self too seriously." —Crossfade

Charlie Pickett Bar Band Americanus

BS 154 2008 $6.95
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"Swagger, saunter, sneer and brazen bucking, this is everything rock at its basest oughta be. If you discover one band this year, this is the one."—Holly George-Warren, The Yummy List

"There's as much Keith Richards and Johnny Thunders as Chuck Berry in Pickett's songs, a druggy and blues-addled undercurrent lurks within even his most upbeat songs, and in Pickett's world when love goes wrong, it hits the wall at 110 mph. If there's a more bitter kiss-off to a former lover than "Liked It a Lot," one can't be sure who would have the courage to listen to it." —

If you accept the premise put forth by Keith Richards that the title of "greatest rock and roll band in the world" is determined on a nightly basis, then we want to tell you about some guys that owned it on quite a few nights in the 80's, a band that, for a variety of reasons, fell through the cracks and never got the recognition they deserved. Twenty plus years on, we're aiming to rectify that with the release of Bar Band Americanus: The Best of Charlie Pickett and ...

Rising out of the fertile and groundbreaking underground music scene of the Southeast in the early 80's, CP and the Eggs (and later the MC3) were all motorcycle boots and sneers, and rode a squall of throat-grabbing feedback and Stonesy musical middle fingers. They were as much Thunders and Reed as anything country and their tales of scoring in Miami projects ("Overtown”), cowboy dreams ("A On Horseback") and laconic survivors' humor were unlike anything being heard on the nascent college rock circuit. For proof, check out “Liked It A Lot,” the love song that didn't just hurt, but had a streak of existential horror in it that STILL raises the hair on our battered souls.

The influences are easy to spot, old bloozers like Son House and Howlin' Wolf, rockers like the Yardbirds and Velvet Underground. It's also easy, in retrospect, to draw the lines between Charlie Pickett and Green on Red, the Gun Club, a more hillbilly Dream Syndicate and a more art-damaged Jason and the Scorchers. At the time, though, what they were doing with their influences came out of the slums and swamps of Miami like a tormented yowl.

Included in this collection are songs spanning Charlie's career, unavailable (unless you're a seasoned crate diver) in any form anywhere for way too long. You'll find his early singles on Miami's Open label ("If This is Love," "Slow Death"); tracks from the seminal EP Cowboy Junkie Au Go Go (tracks 3,8, 9, 13) which the Village Voice's Robert Christgau hailed at the time as "ace country punk;" remixed tracks from the Twin/Tone LP Route 33, featuring the then-current guitarist Jim Duckworth (Gun Club, Panther Burns) (1, 5, 7, 12); the The Wilderness LP produced by Peter Buck (and featuring his guitar playing on 11) (4,10,11), tracks 16-19 from the legendary LP Live at the Button, and finally a previously unreleased track (2) and even a new one (6).

Rounding out this overdue collection are liner notes from Peter Buck, Bloodshot Records co-founder and long time CP-acolyte Rob Miller, as well as a historical primer on Charlie's career from South Florida writer Jeff Schwier.

"...a trashed-out mix of dark, scuzzy blues and earthy country stomp, gothic voodoo steeped in the Stones and The Heartbreakers." —UNCUT Magazine

"...this is music that knows the good times are almost never simple, and the crash can teach you as much as the ride. This is the kind of stuff that often keeps an artist off the upper reaches of the charts, but it also makes for music that lasts, and 20 years after Charlie Pickett cut his last album,Bar Band Americanus demonstrates that the dark heart of his music is still beating loud and strong." —

"Likely one of the best archival rock discs to be released this year...a hot 'n' sweaty amalgam that could be improved upon only by at least two beers and the knowledge that you don't need to wake up early the next day."—Palm Beach New Times



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2008 $6.95