| BS 003

Bad Times (7" Single)

We're running low on these. Act fast!

First Waco recording: their two-fisted ode to our country's political and moral decline backed by their blazing rendition of Jimmy Cliff's country anthem.

Full Description

Debut recording.

Includes their two fisted ode to our country's political and moral decline and their blazing rendition of Jimmy Cliff's country anthem. Some fairly twisted label art (let's just say it involves Newt Gingrich's open casket--who thought that would STILL be relevant?) fondly remembers our country's political jerk to the right in '94--which these days seems positively quaint.

"The Harder They Come" is also available on our compilation, Making Singles. Drinking Doubles;

"Bad Times" can be found on the Hell-Bent compilation.

Short Description

Track List

Side A:

  • Bad Times Are Comin' Round

Side B:

  • The Harder They Come

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