Bad Luck Jonathan
| BAR 001

Bad Luck Jonathan

Bad Luck Jonathan

Voodoo socialist Space Rock for this moment alone! Featuring members of Wacos Brothers and Whiskeytown

Full Description

Released on Cleveland's Blue Arrow Records

LIMITED EDITION OF 500; OPAQUE RED VINYL LP ONLY;  Comes with digital download.

Jon Langford (the Mekons , Waco Brothers, Three Johns) stumbled into his latest project BAD LUCK JONATHAN on a remote Island in the Pacific North West. Consider the scene: A post gig drinks and witching party had dragged on ‘til direst 3 AM, words failing and minds mushing in the crowland. Langford craved his bed, poo-pooing suggestions that he and his murky band of local hired guns drive half way across the island and play songs around a bonfire for a mysterious cult of New Age hicks.
Former Whiskeytown guitarist Phil Wandscher and Martin "Blueshammer" Billheimer were shocked to witness the old man's creeping ideological weakness and berated him harsh and much. "Have you forgotten what it’s all about maaaan?!?", they cried in outraged unison. The years drained from poor Jonny; he sat down, appalled at himself, and revelations began. Yes… indeed… for a moment he had forgotten, but out there on the island in the dancing orange flames of primal pagan combustion BAD LUCK JONATHAN was born. The beetle-black sod has quaked ever since and will always, Damballa be praised! Voodoo socialist Space Rock for this moment alone! But also perhaps for the future spaceways and future ghosts. Hark, worms and angels. Harken!
On parole, Waco Brother's Mayor Jo Jo (Joe Camarillo) and Captain Alanis Giggles (Alan Doughty) provide the reliably muscular rhythm section. The self-titled debut album was recorded in about half an hour with the mighty Mike Hagler at Kingsize Soundlabs Chicago. This album's sleeve contains scary hand-glued and snipped collage artwork by Jon and Martin on the front and on the back

Short Description
  • Subtlety is not Jon Langford’s style. Why use nuance when nunchucks are handy?


Track List

  1. 3 Eyed Piranha
  2. Bad Luck Jonathan
  3. Spider Zero Two
  4. Strange Engine
  5. Bonehead
  6. Clowntown Collapse


On Tour


@ Montrose Saloon
Chicago, Illinois


@ The Horseshoe Tavern
Toronto, Ontario

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