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  1. Just Another River
  2. Dontcha Lie To Me Baby [MP3]
  3. Open Road
  4. Victory Song
  5. Born In Jail
  6. Broke Ass
  7. I Want My Mojo Back [MP3]
  8. Wind Up Blind
  9. Memories Of You Sweetheart
  10. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
  11. Killed A Chicken Last Night
  12. Black Creek Risin'
  13. Hang Your Head & Cry

"I've watched Scott Biram's career blossom from his amazing independent releases to the defining 'Dirty Old One Man Band', but with 'Bad Ingredients' I feel he's gotten into a groove that no other artist out there can touch. With his unique raw sound and his
beautiful intelligent lyrics, he's created what I think is one of the most important southern blues rock records in ages. It's fresh, it's dirty and its incredibly progressive. I'm in awe of a friend, and am infinitely inspired by this badass record"--Shooter Jennings

Scott H Biram Bad Ingredients

BS 190 2011 $10.95
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“A deceptively smart album, Bad Ingredients drags its relevant sense of political frustration and remarkable insight and empathy through the dirtiest of country and blues.” – Slant Magazine

“Any solo guitar-slinger can tap his foot on something noisy while strumming and singing and call himself a one-man band, but it takes a certain level of zeal and dexterity to really pull it off. Texas songwriter Scott H. Biram fits the bill with genuine fervor.” – Charleston City Paper

“’Bad Ingredients’… is just lots of hiss, fuzz, feedback and distortion that sounds like it was recording on equipment from the 1920s. Yes, it’s that good.” –Atlanta Music Guide

"It shows Biram is too tough and too stubborn to quit telling his tales any time soon, and for folks who like their music rough and real, that's a rare bit of good news.” –

Biram’s fourth full-length for Bloodshot is a decidedly different record for those who have been following SHB’s road-driven career. Recorded at Biram’s home studio in Austin, Texas and mastered by Jerry Tubb of Terra Nova Mastering (Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Dwight Yoakam), Bad Ingredients delivers SHB’s classic throat-stomping style (“Dontcha Lie To Me Baby” and “Victory Song”), but showcases a more mature songwriter—both lyrically and musically.

It’s Biram at his quietest, but don’t worry, Hiram Biram still raises a riot. There’s a sweet country love song in “Broke Ass” and the heartful waltz of “Memories of You Sweetheart.” That’s not to say Scott’s still not a little twisted—who else could follow up a song like, “Have You Ever Loved a Woman” (originally written by Lightnin’ Hopkins) with “Killed A Chicken Last Night?” The blues will always be Biram’s first love and in his songwriting he channels his hero Lightnin’ Hopkins on the primitive “Born in Jail,” while “I Want My Mojo Back,” is a swaggering R&B throwback that features the help of a guest saxophonist (the only major musical duty that SHB farms out this record) and a gospel choir consisting of ... Scott H Biram.

On Bad Ingredients, SHB maintains the blues-metal-countrypunk- rock but strengthens it with crack guitar playing and shrewdly-crafted songwriting. Even when he’s at his most quiet, it doesn’t get any more real—or louder—than Scott H Biram.