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Includes the Seven Easy Pieces EP, originally available only as an import.

All this in one package? For one low price? Are we INSANE? What a bargain!!!

Brings the Hully Gully into the 21st century soaked with sweat, and do justice to the legacies of both Motown and Detroit Rock City---a thrashy, sexy powerhouse.

Full Description

As part of the US release of Baby, we included the Seven Easy Pieces EP, originally released on Rough Trade in the UK and previously available only as an import, and the US debut of the video for "Cha Cha Twist." (p.s. who is that masquerading as Little Red Riding Hood in the video? Why it's Meg White!)

All this in one package? For one low price? 20 songs + a video? Are we INSANE?  Quite possibly, yes

Possessing a vocal powerhouse at the midpoint between the nasty-girl romance of Ronnie Spector and the "don't EVEN mess with me" growl of Tina Turner, the Detroit Cobras know how to uphold their rep as THE TOP-SHELF ROCK AND SOUL BAND; a thrashy, sexy powerhouse that can raise the rafters, coo and purr you into a trance, bring the Hully Gully into the 21st century soaked with sweat, and do justice to the legacies of both Motown and Detroit Rock City.

Preaching from the pulpit of the Church of the Immaculate Irma Thomas, Soul Queen of New Orleans, the Cobras fill the Tabernacle with amped-up hymnals from lost or sadly overlooked soul stirrers like Garnett Mimms ("The Real Thing"),  The Olympics ("My Baby Loves the Secret Agent"), Ruby Johnson ("Weak Spot"),  Wilson Pickett ("99 and a Half Won't Do"), and Irma herself ("It's Raining.")

They throw in some Staple Singers' gospel ("You Don't Knock") and even wrote a song themselves ("Hot Dog.") 

They even take an obscure Gary U.S. Bonds gem ("I Wanna Holler") and turn it into a Phil Spector-ish wall of sound anthem to getting the hell out of Dodge.  

Baby is the Detroit Cobras' third full length CD. Produced in part by Greg Cartwright of Reigning Sound (who also played guitar on the album) it gives props to the lost stars and misfits of soul's glory days.


What, are you kidding?  This is a top shelf party from front to back.  Put it on, roll up the carpet and have some fun fer chrissakes...

Short Description
  • Part fire, part whisper, and wants to turn your living room into a clothing-optional dance party.

    — Pitchfork
  • Like alchemists, they mix alcohol with the spirits that swirl in the Detroit air, to create the greatest jukebox on earth... a sublime punk rock makeover of the Stooges and the Ronettes.

    — Plan B
  • Music that makes even the best of Chuck Berry look like docile bubblegum.

    — Alibi
  • This collection crackles and fizzes with an electrical intensity... and the real secret weapon is vocalist Rachel Nagy, a woman in possession of a voice so sultry and soulful that sex appeal constantly flows from the speakers like water from a spring.

    — XFM
  • An unremittingly fantastic record of the sort we're told they don't make any more. Irresistible Motown rhythms push dirty-rock riffs, lean soulful licks and Rachel Nagy's sassy vocals through these tracks, each of which leaves you wanting more.

    — The Sunday Times London

Track List

  • 1. Slipping Around
  • 2. I Wanna Holler (But the Town's Too Small)
  • 3. Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand
  • 4. Weak Spot
  • 5. Everybody's Going Wild
  • 6. Hot Dog (Watch Me Eat)
  • 7. Mean Man
  • 8. Now You're Gone
  • 9. It's Raining
  • 10. Just Can't Please You
  • 11. The Real Thing
  • 12. Baby Help Me
  • 13. Cha Cha Twist
  • 14. Ya Ya Ya (Looking for My Baby)
  • 15. My Baby Loves the Secret Agent
  • 16. Heartbeat
  • 17. You Don't Knock
  • 18. Silver & Gold (When I Get Like This)
  • 19. 99 and a Half Just Won't Do
  • 20. Insane Asylum


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