Freakwater The Asp and the Albatross 7 inch single
| BS 237

The Asp and the Albatross 7" Single

A  appetizer for Freakwater's stellar Bloodshot album Scheherazade.

Features a song from the album as well as a exclusive B-side.

Limited to 500 copies


Freakwater's first Bloodshot Records release!

Full Description

Freakwater's first Bloodshot Records release!

Side A is "The Asp and the Albatross," from their Bloodshot debut Scheherazade. The song, with it’s languid Southern Cal vibe, might lull the listener with visions of gentle breezes and snow white hammocks. But listen deeper and the tension rises with the jagged fiddle of Warren Ellis (Dirty Three, Nick Cave) and the imagery of loss, of Cleopatra and the Ancient Mariner. Pure Freakwater.

Side B is an exclusive B-side, a languid, dreamy platonic meditation that might have been conjured deep in a Kentucky limestone cave.

Limited edition of 500 copies.

Short Description
  • It's a formidable return...[The song is] bathed in folkish guitars and light vocals to emanate a warm and homey sound.

    — Stereogum

Track List

Side A:

  1. The Asp and the Albatross

Side B:

  1. The Allegory of the Cave

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