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The Anthology of American Literature

Wherein we venture into Books on CD territory with an aural barrage of strange field hollers, crusty mountain music, abrasive beat free-form and Afro-Cuban jazz. Also, it sometimes makes us laugh so hard we spit up our pumpkin lattes.

Full Description

When I'm cruising around in my '83 Delta 88 bemoaning the fact that all the radio stations suck, I sometimes wish for sweet release through the audio-book medium. If I had a better radio than the standard AM/FM I would probably even buy some. Most likely you are not constrained by such an ancient radio in your ancient wheels. You sit in the Honda (or some other sensible import) day after day, an hour to work and an hour back putting up with outrageous morning DJs, traffic and weather on the "eights" and Zeppelin rock blocks. This is for you.

The Neal Pollack Anthology of American Literature captures eight readings from the critically-acclaimed Pollack book of the same name. You'll hear Neal explode the cult of first-person author-centric journalism while simultaneously creating a conduit for a broader understanding of contemporary problems such as poverty and race-relations.

Or something.  All's we know is it makes us sometimes laugh so hard we spit up our pumpkin lattes.

Backing him is our ready band, the Pine Valley Cosmonauts featuring the talents of Jon LangfordKelly Hogan and Sally Timms, among others. Together they've turned these written works into an aural barrage of strange field hollers, crusty mountain music, abrasive beat free-form and Afro-Cuban jazz.

With Neal's keen sense of irony, you'll be sure to enjoy these musings as you start or end your daily grind. Hold up, you say, irony is dead. Well if irony is dead, then Neal Pollack is one scary fucking vampire ready to suck the life out of the entire genre of pointy-headed, smarter than you, literary bullshit that too many people are content to carry around in those little canvas bookbags.


Short Description
  • Pollack lectures through soulful swatches of mountain music, Afro-Cuban jazz, Cajun, folk, bluegrass, and avant-garde. Lambasting a myriad of journalistic and literary practices while observing his own inhumane condition, Pollack's role as pundit, prophet, punk, and poet goes uncontested. And it's very funny too.

  • He's drawn a bead on every high-paid magazine writer and alpha-male novelist to swagger through the pages of GQ, Esquire or Rolling Stone; every New Yorker or Vanity Fair puffer fish to file first-person, ego-enriched letters from exotic datelines; every overwriter interviewed by The Paris Review.

    — New York Times
  • WARNING: This item contains harsh language and politically questionable material.

    — BSHQ

Track List

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. The Albania of My Existence
  • 3. I Am Friends with a Working Class Black Woman
  • 4. It is Easy to Take a Lover in Cuba
  • 5. I Have Had Sex with 500 Women
  • 6. Letter from Paris
  • 7. A Spoken Word Poem for America
  • 8. My Week at Sea
  • 9. I Wipe My Ass on your Novel