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  1. You Go Together
  2. Stop! [MP3]
  3. One Night Stand
  4. Something’s Happening
  5. I Pretend She’s You
  6. Hope is Still on Your Side
  7. Libertyville or Somewhere
  8. Sixteen is too Young
  9. Praying is a Heartache
  10. Save Your Breath
  11. Castles of Wales
  12. Ogilvie Station
  13. ... And the Horse You Rode in On
  14. Tear Down the Opera House
  15. Well I Wouldn’t

LP is a limited edition of 500 and there ain't many left....

Includes a digital download version of the album


"The album’s 15 concise songs are filled with brutally honest depictions of dysfunctional relationships, casual sex, disappointment, breakups, bitterness, heartache and unfulfilled lust, but the band helps the bile go down easy with exuberant folk-pop arrangements combining punkish guitars, soothing violin, loads of black humor and some defiantly anthemic pop hooks." —KEXP

The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir ... and the horse you rode in on LP

BS 161LP 2009 $9.95
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Boy meets girl. Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy. Crushing breakup inevitably ensues. Boy drops out of life, retreats to family’s farmhouse in Northern Wales. Boy—along with rest of band—makes great record, triumphs over adversity.

Rock’s bread and butter is romantic tragedy. The latest record from Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, … and the horse you rode in on, takes all that, crushes it up, and emerges with something new, crisp, compelling and incredibly intelligent. Sure, they rock, but they also read.

The whole record echoes Britain’s foremost purveyors of pity and poetry. Hints of Morrissey’s literate lamentations, Jarvis Cocker’s over-sexed swagger, and ballboy’s broken-hearted exuberance rise and fall over the fourteen songs. From the record’s opening line, “I hope that you catch syphilis and die,” there’s a portent of the heartbroken bitterness to come.

Features cameos by Jon Langford (Mekons, Waco Brothers) and Martin Atkins (PiL, Killing Joke, Pigface)



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