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  1. All The Fame Of Lofty Deeds (Jon Langford & The Pine Valley Cosmonauts)
  2. Nashville Radio (Jon Langford)
  3. To The Last Dead Cowboy (Waco Brothers)
  4. Better Everyday (Waco Brothers)
  5. Dollar Dress (Waco Brothers)
  6. Hank Signs His Contract (Jon Langford)
  7. It's Not Enough (Waco Brothers)
  8. 1234ever (Jon Langford)
  9. Over The Cliff (Jon Langford)
  10. Mighty Fall (Waco Brothers)
  11. I Feel Like A Truck (Duane Bob and The Hopeless Hayseeds)
  12. Dragging My Own Tombstone (Waco Brothers)
  13. Death Of Country Music (Waco Brothers)

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Jon Langford All The Fame of Lofty Deeds---The Soundtrack

BS 910 2009
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This fall saw the premiere of a play based on the works of Jon called "All the Fame of Lofty Deeds."  Written by rock journalist Mark Guarino, performed by the House Theater company and featuring Jon's music and artwork, this phantasmic journey into the mind of a fictional country music legend is what an episode of Howdy Doody might look like if it were directed by David Lynch. Sadly reflective and yet hilariously surreal, the show mixes rock biography, live music and stunning visual effects to tell a tripped out tale of the demise of America's last living cowboy.  Read the Chicago Tribune's review here.

We've collected all the songs heard in the play and assembled them in one handy digital package.  Toss that cast album of South Pacific aside, these are all the original recordings.